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Valentine’s Day really snuck up on me this year. One minute we’re counting down the seconds on New Year’s Eve, then -poof- it’s February!

I’ve got the cutest last-minute gift idea for your friends, co-workers, family, kids’ friends’ – or maybe even your mail carrier? Hey, they deliver KC Bakes’ stands after all… hard work deserves a treat.

Ingredients: flat pretzels & candy melts – it’s that easy!

Supplies (853x1280)

Drizzle your favorite colors in an even zig zag motion – and allow them to dry. Once the chocolate sets, you’ll need to break off the chocolate lines that run across the holes in the pretzels.

Drizzle Pretzels (1280x853)

Another way to sweeten up your pretzels is to dip them in melted candy. Personally – I don’t like fully coated pretzels b/c then one end winds up melting in your hand as you eat it, so I like this half-dipped approach. Add some sprinkles for… well… do we really need a reason for sprinkles?

Dipped Pretzels (1280x853)

Now comes the fun part – some cute pretzel puns!

Twisted Over You (1280x853)Or how about this one…

Knots For You 2 (853x1280)

As I was making these pretzels, I had to keep digging through the bag to find the whole ones – I kept coming up with all of these broken pieces. Then, an idea hit me to put those random bits to good use… drizzle chocolate on them!

Pieces (994x1280)

Download the tags here for FREE: Pretzel Pun Tags

Happy Valentine’s Day!