If you live in the Midwest or Northeast, you know this winter has been a cruel one. Single digit temperatures and endless snow. But I have something super exciting to brighten up your day… a giveaway!

One lucky KC Bakes reader will win The Art of Cake Pops, the latest book by Noel Muniz of The Cake Poppery!

Summary: In this follow-up book to The Art of Cake Pops, Noel Muniz brings you even more challenging and fun designs for the little treats that are still the hottest confections in bakeries everywhere. From football helmets to corn dogs, polar bears, party hats, meatballs, beehives, and castles, Amazing Cake Pops is jam-packed with incredible designs that will spruce up any party or occasion. Along with the basics of making cake pops, more advanced tips and tricks are included for anyone wishing to bring their cake pop–making skills to another level.

Amazing Cake Pops_Noel Muniz

My Review: One of my favorite aspects of this second book is the personal anecdotes found throughout the Introduction. “I figured it wouldn’t be hard to dip cake into melted chocolate. Boy, was I wrong.”

Reading about Noel’s own initial struggles provided an odd sense of relief, in the sense that – whew, I’m not the only one that this can be challenging for. There was a particular paragraph where Noel describes the challenges of running a cake pop business. After reading each sentence, I found myself saying, out loud, Yes! Yep! Uh huh! Oh my gosh, so true! Then, in one breath, he describes why it’s all worth it… “You are not just making pops, you are making memories.”

If you’ve struggled with any aspect of making cake pops, the first 75 pages of this book troubleshoot every aspect of the process – cake and frosting recipes, types of chocolate, cracking, yellow sticks, shaping, chilling, dipping – even shipping cake pops! Noel breaks down the problem, why it happens, and what you can do to fix it.

The remaining pages are filled with most beautiful pictures, 85 designs to be exact. Noel’s photos are so bright, crisp and clear, it could qualify as an art book. I happened to have it with me when I was babysitting my niece & nephew (ages 6 & 8), and they loved every single picture, shouting the titles as we turned each page… PENGUINS! POLAR BEARS! A WALRUS!

Their favorite was the flying pig, which had them giggling quite a bit. I loved the bold color and food-themed designs, especially the baguettes below – they look so real!

Final Thoughts: From A to Zebras, Noel covers every aspect of cake popping that you can think of; this book is a must-have for all cake pop kitchens. If you’ve never made a cake pop before, or you are a seasoned pro, this book can be enjoyed by all experience levels.

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