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We all love to share our cake pops on Instagram and Facebook, right? But then, do you get the question, “Do you ship?”

So many people opt not to ship their cake pops because they don’t know how to package their cake pops properly for them to arrive safely to their customers.

Liz Walker, from Cake Pops by Liz, has developed a great solution… Cake Pop Inserts!


These FDA food-safe cake pop packing inserts give each cake pop their own individual little compartment.

The great thing about these inserts is that you can use them to stack vertical layers of cake pops. Simply use a piece of cardboard or cake pad in between the layers of inserts.


For the best overall support, alternate the direction of your inserts between layers, to build a supportive internal structure. This way, the outside box, cardboard layers and the inserts bear the load of external pressure – keeping your cake pops smush-free.

Layer Graphic

No more fussing with messy shredded paper, crinkle paper, bubble wrap or other materials to package your beautiful cake pops! There are even holes to put the sticks in, to hold them in place!


Be sure to start and end your layering with candy pads, to give the bottom and top layers of cake pops some extra cushion. Candy pads come in various shapes, sizes & color – try these from Nashville Wraps (click here).

One dozen cake pops are layered safely inside this box! It’s always a nice surprise for the customer to open their package and see a beautiful presentation… little details like that make for a memorable first impression.


When using Cake Pop Inserts for shipping cake pops, Liz recommends placing cushion or padding around the outside of the cake pop box, such as thermal box liner (as shown below) inside the shipping box.

Thermal liners are available from Uline in various dimensions (click here).


Place your box of cake pops inside of the thermal liner, and it seals with a self-adhesive strip.


Then, place the box of pops inside of the shipping box. If you have gaps in between the pop box & shipping box, fill it with some padding for extra cushion.

It’s always a good idea to mark the outside of the box with FRAGILE stickers, or HANDLE WITH CARE.


I shipped my pops from New Jersey up to some friends in Massachusetts, who sent me this picture when the package arrived. Happy cake pop eaters! 🙂


To learn more about cake pop insert packaging, visit Liz at…

Facebook: Cake Pop InsertsInstagram: Cake Pop Inserts

Or purchase directly from her Etsy Shop: Cake Pop Packaging