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This tutorial is brought to you by one of my very dear friends, Jessica, of Sugar & Spiked:

In the words of Cookie Monster, “Me like cookies, om, nom, nom, nom!”

So when I stumbled upon a neat baking pan called, Bake a Bowl, I was like a kid in a candy store.  I immediately thought of all of the fun cookies I could bake and create.

I was in a rush that day, so decided I’d come back later for the pan.  However, that didn’t happen and over the next few weeks, I just kept thinking about the pan and what I could create with it.  So, imagine my surprise when I popped into my local grocery store last week and saw one sitting all by its lonesome near the Pyrex section.

I couldn’t contain myself and grabbed for it, elbows ready, just in case someone else went in for the pan. I shoved it into the basket somewhere between the cereal boxes and the eggs in hopes that my boyfriend wouldn’t notice that I was buying MORE baking supplies!

As he was unloading the cart, he eyeballed it, and looked up at me with questioning eyes.  I simply shrugged my shoulders and went back to my US Weekly as if it was a perfectly normal purchase at the grocery store.  I slyly added that I’d be making chocolate chip cookies (his favorite) that weekend.  He never mentioned the pan again. 

With Spring right around the corner, I decided to create some cute Easter themed treats.  Something bright and colorful to help wash away all of those cold grey winter days.  So let’s get started!

Here is my new pan, isn’t she a beauty? It has 2 pieces, one for the dough and the other to sit on top to create the indent for the bowl (to make this really easy, let’s call them the bottom and top pans):


The options for this pan are endless (think bread bowls and pot pies…oh my!) but for my first go, I went for a classic chocolate chip cookie.  I used the Nestle Toll House recipe and omitted the nuts because we aren’t a fan of them in our cookies, and I don’t think the bowls would bake as smoothly with them in there.


Once the dough is ready, place the dough in each cup of the bottom pan to the easy to read “Fill line”


Then place the top pan on top of the bottom pan.  The top pan has these lips on the sides that fit perfectly into the slots on either side of the bottom pan.


I let them bake for a little longer than a normal cookie because each bowl is filled with enough dough to make about 3 regular sizes cookies.  I baked for 18 minutes at 375, took the pan out and let it cool for about 5 minutes.

However, when I removed the top pan, I realized that although the cookie was formed perfectly, the bottom of the cookie wasn’t fully cooked through so I placed just the bottom pan back in the oven for 5 more minutes at 350. That worked perfectly and allowed the cookie cup to bake through.  Once they were done, I let them cool for at least 30 minutes to an hour before adding my decorations.

Depending on what you are filling them with, in this case, buttercream frosting, make sure they are at room temperature so they won’t melt your decorations.  I bet they’d be delicious served warm with ice cream though!!  Om, nom, nom, nom.

Now for the decorating… SUPER easy!  I colored my buttercream frosting green and topped it with Bakerella’s green candy shred, found at AC Moore and cute egg shaped candies I found at The Fresh Market:


And voila, here is the final product:


What a cute, easy and affordable Easter treat.  Easy enough for the kids to help and delicious enough for everyone to enjoy!  They’d make cute place cards too!  Just use an edible marker to write the person’s name on an egg and place it on their plate.

BONUS:  Since St. Patty’s day is coming up, I went ahead and made some cute Cups of Gold too!


Just fill with your favorite filling, top with gold candies (in this case, gold dragees and gold disco dust) and top with a shamrock or a rainbow candy such as an airhead.


Aren’t they cute? And look at that chocolate-chippy goodness…


I love the possibilities for these bowls, or cups as I affectionately nicknamed them.  The options are endless and their ability to hold your favorite filling (think frosting, ice cream, pudding or even a mini deep dish pie), making it a fun and easy way to experiment with your most beloved recipes.