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Today is my birthday! Woohoo! Another year gone by, filled with family, friends, and cake pops 🙂

To help celebrate, Rachel from Sadie Baby Sweets in Ohio, is continuing in our Cake Pop Con attendee tutorial series, by sharing a really clever way to use her CPC swag.

It’s the holiday season and with that comes holiday parties.  If you are lucky like I am, you get invited to an Ugly Sweater Christmas Party.  YAY!

I love parties and I cannot arrive empty-handed. I always have to bring the hostess a gift.  But what could I bring? Something “festive and fun”!

That’s when the idea of Reindeer Boozy Pops was born.  It’s a cheeky adult-themed party, after all.  What a perfectly cute and delicious party dessert, a few bites of chocolate cake pop and a shot of Bailey’s liquor!

Reindeer Boozy Pops 1

These Reindeer Boozy Pops are super easy to make and will surely impress your guests.


  • Your favorite cake pop dough, already prepared
  • Chocolate melts
  • Bakerella’s DIY Sugar Eyes
  • Black edible-ink writing marker
  • Cinnamon imperials
  • Candy cane sprinkles
  • Bailey’s liquor
  • Pipettes
  • Paper straws
  • Ribbon

Reindeer Boozy Pops 3


I like to cut my paper straw so that they are 6in long. I think they display nicer this way and they look great through the picture window in my BRP Box Shop Cake Pop Carry Case.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 4

Next, I fill my pipettes.  This takes a little bit of time since you are working against gravity.  I dip the pipette into a shot glass full of the liquor, squeeze to fill and then flip it over with the opening towards the ceiling tapping the bottom on top of a paper towel……repeat these steps until the pipette bulb is completely full.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 5

Then cut the rest of the pipette tube off to about 1/4inch above the body.  I purchased Plastic Transfer Pipettes, 1mL graduated from Amazon for $10.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 6

To prepare the eyes, it is so easy. Bakerella for Make ‘n Mold DIY Sugar Eyes which come with an AmeriColor Gourmet Writer Marker in the package… genius!

Reindeer Boozy Pops 7

Here comes the fun part!  First, melt your chocolate so that you can dip your cake pop.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 8

Then, once the cake pop is dipped you have to work very quickly to attach the sugar eyes, cinnamon imperial red nose and then the pipettes – before the chocolate hardens.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 10

Eyes, nose, pipettes. This is the order that works best for me since I don’t like the chocolate to be “too wet” when inserting the pipettes, since they are a little heavy.

Push the pipettes into the cake pop almost to the bottom curve of the bulb.  Gently hold the pipettes in place until the pop is dry so that they stay where you placed them, instead of drooping or spreading out.

Next, use your edible marker to draw a smile.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 11

I like to dress up the reindeer a bit more by placing candy cane sprinkles in front of the pipettes.  This can be added while the chocolate is still wet or afterward by placing a tiny bit of chocolate melt on the back of the candy cane.

For the finale, add a festive ribbon “scarf” or bow to really complete the look.

Reindeer Boozy Pops 12

Rudolf never looked so snazzy!

Happy Holidays,

Rachel, Sadie Baby Sweets
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