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I love movies. So does my whole family. We practically speak in movie quotes…

If you were to ask, “How’s the weather?”, my dad would likely reply, “You got a window? Open it.” (Good Morning, Vietnam)

When we are comparing two things that are similar, someone will inevitably say, “They’re i- *clap* -dentical!” (My Cousin Vinny)

Going to the movies is such an adventure. Walking up to the theater, you can always smell the rich scent of buttery popcorn. But then you get to the concession stand, and there are so many yummy chocolate candies… it can be so hard to choose!

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (9)

I’ve come up with a delicious treat that satisfies both salty & sweet… Movie Theater Chocolate!

With only 3 ingredients, it’s easy-peezy to make – LorAnn Oils Buttered Popcorn flavoring oil, chocolate melts, and some crunchies.

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (1)

Bakerella recently debuted her own line of Make’n Mold chocolates, one of which is this beautiful Sunny Yellow – the perfect color association for popcorn.

LorAnn oils are super concentrated, a little bit goes a long way. I added 1/4 tsp. to half a bag of candy melts… you can use more/less depending how strong of a buttery popcorn taste you’d like.

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (2)

Using Make’n Mold’s Break Up Candy Bar Mold, start with a thin layer of “popcorn chocolate’, then immediately sprinkle on some Rice Krispies.

If you’re out of Krispies, like I was, you can use crushed Special K (no one will ever know… unless you blog about it, haha).

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (3)

You can also use crushed Oreos or a toffee crunch mixture!

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (4)

Make’n Mold’s Salted Caramel melts are so delicious. For just a hint of this flavor, add a little swirl of candy, rather than a whole layer of it.

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (5)

Set these to the side for a few minutes to firm up while you are melting candy for the next step.

Fill ‘er up! Bakerella’s Chocolate Fudge wafers are the perfect pairing to top off this treat.

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (6)

Tap the plastic mold against the table to get rid of air bubbles. When you are happy with how the chocolate has settled, pop the tray into the fridge for just a few minutes.

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (7)

Ta da! Don’t you just love the color?

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (8)

“When this baby hits 88mph, you’re going to see some serious sh–“… um… chocolate 🙂

LorAnn Oils Movie Theater Chocolate (11)

What is your favorite movie quote? Let’s hear some classics!

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