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All summer I’ve been reading about grilled peaches… how amazing they are, the rich juiciness, and amazing flavor. I don’t have a grill, but luckily, I was visiting my parents and they have a big ol’ grill!

I was excited to try out this “campfire cone” idea I had seen on Pinterest. Most people stuff mini marshmallows & chocolate inside of a waffle cone for a s’mores effect, but someone had suggested peaches, white chocolate & sliced almonds and that peaked my interest. Not a huge almond fan myself, I swapped in chopped walnuts & was looking forward to making them.

The weather was calling for passing showers, but the skies were blue & it was a beautiful afternoon… those weathermen always get it wrong. OK, if we are being honest – it was hot & humid, but the sun was out and it was perfect picture-taking conditions.

I had all my ingredients ready, the grill was hot and I was ready to go…

grilled peach white chocolate walnuts campfire cones

I put the peaches on the grill, closed the lid and heard a single psst noise… then a few more, psst psst. It was rain drops hitting the hot metal grill lid. No, I thought, please no…

And then I’m pretty sure I heard Mother Nature laugh, because within seconds, the sky ripped open & a mad dash ensued to get everything under cover.

caught in rain

Hubby was so nice and dashed to our car for my big umbrella… I was a woman on a mission, a little monsoon was not coming between me & some grilled peaches!

I kicked off my flip flops while the family watched in laughter as I balanced a tray of ingredients, tongs, my camera and the umbrella, splashing through puddles as I scampered over to the grill. Luckily the grill was mostly covered by the garage roof.

grilled peaches

I rubbed a tiny bit of olive oil on cut side, so the peaches didn’t stick to the grill. And look how pretty they turned out!

Next, I layered in the goodies… diced grilled peach, chopped walnuts & white chocolate chops.

campfire cones assembled

Once the cone is filled up with your desired ingredients, wrap it in foil and cook it on the grill (or campfire) for about 5 minutes, or until the chocolate starts to melt.

on the grill

Peeling back the foil was like opening a little present. The white chocolate chips were warm and melty, and it all smelled delicious!

finished grilling

The first few bites were so good, the juicy peach bites paired really well with everything. However, I hit some “dry pockets” where it was just nuts & chocolate… it was okayyy, but it didn’t taste amazing. Hmmm, how could this be remedied?

Then genius struck – I added a scoop of softened vanilla bean ice cream – MAGIC! The soft ice cream dripped into the little nooks and crannies throughout the cone, bringing all of the flavors together for a wow moment. Now THAT was tasty 🙂

Normally a rainy day would have a blogger packing their camera away. But I have to say, the weather antics made it such a fun adventure!