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Living on the East Coast, summers at the beach are a must. The warm sand, the cool ocean – so many fun memories and adventures!

Beach cake pops are so fun & easy to make…

beach cake pops title

Make the “sand” by placing graham crackers in a food processor & running it until the crumbs are fine, but not powdery. You can also do this by placing the grahams in a Ziploc bag and going over them with a rolling pin.

If you’ve ever been on the beach, you know that sand is not just one color… to give your edible sand some depth, mix in copper disco dust (which will give it a nice twinkle as well).

graham cracker sand

Ready to take a dip? Well your cake pops should be!

The graham “sand” needs to be applied while the chocolate is still wet, so that it sticks. Prepare a “dipping” station like this to keep things running efficiently.

cake pops setup

After dipping your pops in melted blue candy, and tapping off all of the excess chocolate, lightly touch the top of your pop into the “sand” bowl – then place it in your KC Bakes cake pop stand to dry.

dipping cake pops

Next, we need some seashells!

I purchased this seashell mold from Lollicakes by Ella to make these starfish, seashells and sand dollars.

Just like sand, seashells aren’t usually monochromatic… after being tossed around in the sea, and washing up onto shore, they have various shades of color.

chocolate molds

I used both luster dust and petal dust to give some life to my seashells.

Luster dust is shimmery, which is a great way to give them some sparkle and shine. Matte dust has a flat effect, and is used to create more of a dirt-like smudge.

After dipping your brush in either dusts, tap or brush it on a plate to remove some of the excess powder… then add more as needed for your desired look.

luster dust petal dust

You can add as many shells as you wish to each pop, but usually 2 or 3 does the trick just fine.

Place a small dot of melted chocolate on the underside of your finished seashell to “glue” them to the sandy top of your pop. Be careful not to hold the shells for too long – since they are small, they will start to melt from the natural heat in your fingers.

beach cake pops

Ta da! Beautiful beach cake pops that are great for a beach-themed wedding or engagement party.

Add a twine/rope bow to give it a rustic, romantic look. Enjoy!