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Greetings friends!

I know it’s been a little quiet here on le’ blog… I’m surprised they didn’t hand me a feather duster when I logged in!

Life got a little busy there, as it tends to do. The great news is that I have quite a few tutorials lined up to share with you in coming weeks. But first, I want to share a little about what’s been keeping me busy.

As you know, I’ve planned four of my Cake Pop Meet-Ups so far, which have taken place in New Jersey, California, Florida & Texas… the fifth is happening next weekend in New York & I’m starting to brainstorm where to plan more for 2015. But since last December, I’ve also been working on something just a tad bigger than the meet-ups…

Cake Pop Con

Cake Pop Con is a national cake pop conference that will take place later this year on November 7-9 in Philadelphia, PA, for 150+ bakers.

We are 62% sold, and so far we have bakers coming from 17 different states – some as far away as Hawaii! We even have some international bakers attending from Canada, Germany, Brazil, the Dominican Republic & Australia!

If you like cake pops in any capacity, Cake Pop Con will be a weekend full of events that will surely knock your apron off 🙂

I am both super excited and incredibly honored that Angie Dudley, Bakerella, will be our keynote speaker! Here we are at her book signing just 8 months ago. Hearing her speak there was so inspiring, I can only imagine the excitement her keynote speech will create.

Bakerella & KC Bakes

We also have an amazing group of speakers lined up to share their expertise with Cake Pop Con attendees! There will be bloggers, cake pop book authors, cake pop business owners and product developers, social media experts and more. Learn more about each speaker on the Cake Pop Con Speaker website

Have you ever been to a conference, and you only get to know the people sitting around you? Not at Cake Pop Con! We have a fun activity planned for our Welcome Mixer that will enable every attendee to meet each other!

We will also be having optional Master Classes on Saturday evening.  O Pops by Angie, Creative Edibles by Yuki and Karyn of Pint Sized Baker/Dieter’s Downfall will be giving hands-on instruction, teaching valuable information showcasing their amazing skills. These women are masters of their crafts!

Now, I have a handful of surprises up my sleeves that attendees won’t know about until they experience them throughout the weekend. But – I am willing to kinda share one right now…

In addition to the Swag Bag that all attendees will receive on Saturday, there is a SECRET swag bag that they will be getting Friday night! I can’t share what company is behind it, BUT – the bag will contain cake pop products that aren’t even on the market yet!

OK! I’ve said too much. If you want to find out more about Cake Pop Con… you need to join us! 🙂

Eventbrite - Cake Pop Con

As mentioned, we are 62% sold… after August 6th, hotel room availability will be extremely limited, so don’t miss out on our special rate!

Our Master Class tickets are becoming limited as well… Angie’s class only has 10 open seats and Yuki’s class has 16 open seats remaining.

I hope to see you in Philly in November!