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I love posting pictures on Instagram as I’m baking, like this one, and I often get asked how do I get my cake balls so smooth?


It’s easy peezy, and I’m happy to share my tips!

Tip 1: crumb your cake using a food processor. Don’t pack it in too tight… the pieces of cake need some room to move around. If you jam it in there too tight, the blade will just spin around and could affect the texture.


The cake should be finely crumbed – no large chunks of cake…


Tip 2: use frosting sparingly. I usually just “eyeball” it, but it’s equal to about 1/4 cup. If your cake dough is too wet, the cake balls won’t hold their shape and will have issues being dipped.


Tip 3: to incorporate the frosting, use a spatula to press it down into the cake crumbs, almost like you’re smearing it against the sides of the bowls. Press the spatula down, and while applying pressure, drag it backwards… Does that make sense? It’s tricky to describe… I keep acting it out as I type this.


Rotate the bowl as you press into the cake mixture with the spatula… see how it’s starting to look fudgy?


As you do this, the cake will form into a dough. Notice that there are no crumbs left around the side of the bowl? Because they are so fine, they are easier to absorb into the dough, and won’t cause lumps or bumps.


Tip 4: use a 1.5″ cookie scoop to evenly portion your pops. I use the same technique as if you were measuring brown sugar – packing the dough in nice and tight, then leveling off the scoop.


After you eject the dough from the scoop, I squish it in my hands a few times, then roll – roll – roll. Ta da!


If the cake balls fall apart, then they are too dry and could use a little more frosting. Your hands should also stay clean – if they are the color of your cake, you’ve added too much frosting. Unfortunately there is no recovery if you’ve added too much frosting… that’s why it’s important to use it in small amounts.

I usually average 36-38 cake balls per cake. There’s usually more if someone isn’t in the kitchen sneaking samples.


Top the dipped cake pops with a simple drizzle or dunk them in some sprinkles… can you ever have too many sprinkles? I didn’t think so.


Cake pop stand from kcbakes.com