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Last year, Pint Sized Baker & I teamed up to do a Love Bug cake pop post to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This year, I’m absolutely swooning over our theme – owls! Have we met? 🙂

When I think of owl cake pops, my friend Nicole instantly comes to mind. Her owl cake pops are incredible, so I asked if she’d stop by le’ blog and share her tips. Like any good Valentine’s Day proposal – she said yes! So, without further ado…

Hey all! Nicole here from Bella’s Bakery & Bowtique. I love creating bite-sized pieces of art and sharing tips and tricks along the way. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see lots of my yummy food art.

Some of my favorite cake pops to dip & decorate are owls. Today I’m going to show you how to make this pretty and sweet bird with some Valentiney flair. (Totally a word.)

owl cake pop tutorial 9

Here’s what you will need:

owl cake pop tutorial 1

  1. Candy melts (any fun color)
  2. Oval shaped cake ball
  3. Bling sticks
  4. Candy eyes
  5. Candy hearts (2 sizes)
  6. Rainbow chips
  7. Chocolate chips
  8. Flower candies
  9. KC Bakes cake pop stand

First, cut the top swirl off of chocolate chips at an angle to get a perfect owl ear shape. Make sure you taste test the chips… it’s important.

owl cake pop tutorial 5

Dip your blingstick into the melted chocolate and insert into the oval cakeball (just take a round cakeball and rub between your hands until you get an oval shape).

While that sets in your KC Bakes stand, attach the ears. Make sure the points are facing inwards.

Once the ears set, dip the pop into your melted chocolate and tap off the excess candy. I usually count to 12 while tapping then turn upright. Then give a couple extra taps and let dry completely. Next, brush on some sparkle! I used luster dust in cotton candy on this beauty.

owl cake pop tutorial 3

* Important – leave the pop alone for a good 20 minutes. This way when you attach the candy features, you won’t get cracks.

Ok, time for the candies!

  • First apply 2 dots for the eyes. (I use a toothpick to apply all chocolate “glue”)
  • Second – the beak. Get it nice and nestled below and in between the eyes.
  • Next – the wings. Practice placing them without glue first. Sometimes I apply them flat, other times at an angle. They look great multiple ways!

owl cake pop tutorial 4

Finally the feet (talons sounds kinda harsh). I use flower candies but you could also pipe on some chocolate feet.

To take this beauty bird to the next level, I added a chest pattern in hearts. It’s Valentine’s Day after all and whooooo will always love you?

owl cake pop tutorial 6

For some finishing touches, I add a sparkle in her eye (dot with white chocolate) and some luscious lashes. Start with 3 dots, then swipe upwards and outwards with a toothpick… just how I apply my mascara 🙂

owl cake pop tutorial 7

Tadaa! Isn’t she a beauty? Here are some of her friends, in their KC Bakes stand:

owl cake pop tutorial 2

All packed up and ready to make someone’s day a little sweeter! Happy Valentine’s Day!

owl cake pop tutorial 8

Love the bling sticks? Check them out in our Etsy Shop!

valentines day bling

Be sure to check out Pint Sized Baker’s post for more Valentine’s Day treat inspiration!