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Do you know what today is? My birthday, weeeeeeee!


Also celebrating today are Christina Aguilera, Katie Holmes, Brad Pitt, Steven Speilberg, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Keith Richards & DMX. Ah, what a fun, ecclectic party that would be.

But that’s not what I’m here to tell you today. Truth of the matter is… I’ve been keeping a secret from you. A big one. It’s pretty embarrassing. In fact, it’s hiding in my closet.

So, for my 30th birthday last year, my best friend bought me a beautiful, white KitchenAid Mixer. I was totally surprised, and posted this pic on Instagram. I finally felt like a legit baker!


Oh gosh… here comes the secret part. I’m almost afraid to say it out loud, for fear of losing any street cred’ I’ve built up over the years.

OK, here it goes… just rip off the Band Aid, right? *deep breath* 1… 2… 3…



I knowwww… oh, the shame & agony. But yes, it’s true… I never opened my KitchenAid Mixer. It’s still in the box, one year later! 

I understand there’s no acceptable reason for such an atrocity, but hear me out…

With my birthday being a week before Christmas, our house was all set-up for the holidays. My parents were staying with us last year, so in an attempt to clear some floor space, I put a lot of stuff in the closet, including le’ mixer. And there she sat.

I’ve had so many well-intentioned instances where I wanted to bring her out and whip up something fantastic. However, I usually have so much going on, I always defaulted to my hand-mixer to make a quick dessert – rather than spend some quality time getting to know Wendy & figure out how she works. I literally just named her as I’m typing… it just feels right… Wendy the White Mixer. I love a good quasi-alliteration.

I, of course, feel tremendous guilt for squandering such a generous gift. To make it up to my friend, and Wendy, I’m going to embark on a rather ambitious quest… and I need YOUR help.

In 2014, I’d like to make something different each week, using my KitchenAid mixer. Rather than Google some random ideas, I’d love to try out some of your favorite recipes!

So… for my birthday… I’d love if you would tell me what things you like to make with your KitchenAid Mixers – sweet or savory.

Please share a recipe link in the comments below & tell me what you like about it. If email is easier, please send recipes to kcbakes@hotmail.com. I will give full credit to whomever recommends the recipes I make – so if you share an original recipe, please let me know.

I need at least 52 good recipes to get me through the year… I can’t wait your recipes!