Pinterest is one of the largest internet traffic drivers in social media. A great image can go viral, getting re-pinned multiple times, bringing a lot of new people your way.

Typically users “pin” pictures from blogs or other websites, but pinning photos from your Facebook page is a great way to increase your “likes” and attract new fans with engaging photos.

* Note: this tutorial was made using Google Chrome.

How to Pin from Facebook

How to Pin Pictures From Facebook

Step 1. Click on a picture in one of your Facebook albums (you will see the word “theater” at the end of the link in the address bar). Right-click on the picture and select Open image in new tab.

Step 1

Step 2. You will know if you did Step 1 correctly if you see .jpg at the end of the link in the new tab. Click on the Pin button (Pinterest “P” logo at top right). [Tips to Add the Pin It Button]Step 2

Step 3. Pinterest will identify the image. Click the Pin It button. Step 3

Step 4. A window will pop up for you to describe your Pin. Select what Board you want to pin your image to and write your Description of the image. Then click the red Pin It button.Step 4

Step 5. Quickly click on the red See It Now button. This window only remains open for a few seconds, then it will disappear. See Step 11 if the window closes before you clicked on See It Now.Step 5

Step 6. The link below your photo identifies the source from which the image was pinned. Click on the pencil icon to edit this link. Step 6

Step 7. The highlighted box is where you will edit the source link from Step 8. Step 7

Step 8. Go back to your original tab from Step 1. Copy the entire link from the address bar.

Step 8

Step 9. Paste the link from Step 8 into the Source field. Then click Save Changes.Step 9

Step 10. You will know you completed the above steps correctly if it says Visit Facebook.com under the image. To double-check your work, click on the image and it should take you to your image on Facebook.Step 10

Step 11. If the window in Step 5 disappears before you can click on the red See It Now button, go to www.pinterest.com – you should see your recently pinned image in your feed. Click on the pencil icon to edit the link.

Step 11

Happy Pinning!

Are you on Pinterest? I’d love to check out your boards… leave your Pinterest link in a comment below 🙂