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If you follow me on Instagram, you may remember this little treat I posted a few weeks ago, touting it as the best brownie I’ve ever had…

Dessert Bites Brownie

Friends, I’m not exaggerating when I say this was the most delicious brownie I’ve ever had. It had such a great chocolate flavor, a rich, fudgy texture… and it was just the right size, a small square of brownie bliss.

So I jumped on Twitter, singing their praises, and asked if I could do a review of these amazing bites – and to my supreme glee – they agreed! Lisa of Dessert Bites said she’d mail me some treats to sample and write about. I was anticipating a few brownies, but look what showed up… whoa!

Dessert Bites

There was no way I could eat all of this by myself, so I assembled a group of friends for a tasting party. This was not a hard task I might add… wave a box of desserts around and people come running.


First, we tried the mini Bundts… each cake was incredible! The Margarita Bundt was far and away our favorite. It was light and rich at the same time, with a balanced blend of citrus and lime flavors… and just a whisper of salt – everything you’d expect from a great margarita. I really can’t talk about the Margarita Bundt enough, it’s just so, so good.

I was really surprised at how moist each cake was as well, so fresh and bright. Each flavor was so distinct because Dessert Bites only uses 100% natural ingredients (but more on that later). Read more about the other flavors here.

Next, we broke open the box of salted caramel gourmet brownies. Even though each brownie is only 2″ x 2″, you might want a fork so that you can savor it bite by bite. They are dense, rich and the caramel (that they make themselves!) is ooey-gooey. These brownies were so good, I momentarily forgot I was doing dessert review, rather than just eating dessert, and I didn’t get a picture of them – which goes to show how good they are – so please check them out on Dessert Bites’ website.

Last, but not least, were the French Macarons, and this picture was the only one I managed to snap… crumbs. In the dessert world, this is a good sign! By the way…how cool is their packaging? Love the colors.


We tried Total Chocolate and Merlot. The cookie had a light crunch, and the filling was delicious. And they’re always coming up with new flavors too… vanilla bean, orange creamsickle, oh my!

The great thing about Dessert Bites is that all of their products are sized to be individual portions, hence the name Dessert Bites. This way, customers can enjoy their offerings without the guilt of overeating or wasting food.

What makes Dessert Bites truly unique is that all of their ingredients are 100% all natural… they do not use any artificial ingredients, artificial flavors or preservatives. They source locally whenever possible, which just warms my heart to no measure. The fact that they place their guiding principles right on the front page of their website shows what great character Lisa & Travis have, not only as bakers, but as people as well.

So… are you wanting dessert yet? Let’s get to the giveaway!

Prizes – Two (2) Winners will each win:
– One (1) box of Gourmet Brownies (choice of flavor)
– One (1) Individual Bundt Cake (choice of flavor)

And the winners are… 


Giveaway is now closed.