Hey everyone! So sorry for the radio silence over the past few weeks. Life got a little busy behind the scenes here at KC Bakes, as life tends to do 🙂 But I am back with some SUPER talented bakers that I came to know through Food Blog Forum.

In our swag bag, we got a box of brownies from Dessert Bites. But they weren’t just brownies… they were HEAVEN! Fudgy, ooey-gooey chocolatey magic. Please get to know Lisa & Travis below, and come back on Wednesday — I’m giving away some of their desserts! Trust me, you do NOT want to miss it.

assorted macsName: Lisa and Travis
Business Name: Dessert Bites
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Lisa has always loved baking.  Travis has always been a wonderful and supportive husband to Lisa! So when Lisa decided to start a dessert business, he encouraged and supported her in every way he could.

How did you come to start your business?
As we said, Lisa has always loved baking.  One day she realized she could combine her love for baking (and sharing the results) with a career.  She had seen so many people following their dreams at the farmer’s markets she frequented, that it finally occurred to her to follow her dream too!  Portion control was very important to Lisa and Travis, but they didn’t think people should have to give up delicious desserts.  After all, when you buy a cake,  you either end up wasting some or the whole cake has to be quickly consumed – not a great thing when you only want to indulge once in a while.  So, they decided that they should provide desserts that are bite-sized (though this grew to also include individual-sized) to people so they could decide how much or how little they wanted without feeling pressured by the thought of wasting food.  Over time, Lisa and Travis also came to realize they wanted to provide people with desserts that don’t have any artificial ingredients or preservatives, because they want to be comfortable sharing the dessert with their children.  And why shouldn’t they treat others as well as they treat their own loved ones?!

Do you bake as your full-time job? How do you enjoy it?
Lisa is the chief recipe-developer and Travis comes up with interesting new flavor combinations and implements the recipes they have developed.  Though Travis used to prefer cooking to baking, he has developed quite a passion for baking and creating new flavor combinations!

How did you come up with your business name?
The original concept of Dessert Bites was to allow people portion control while enjoying incredible desserts.  So, we wanted everything to be bite sized.  What could convey our message better than highlighting that everything is a bite-sized dessert?

What inspires you in your business; how do you come up with original ideas?
Lisa loves rummaging through the house – through spice cabinets, the fruit bin, the vegetables, you name it! She also draws on her memories of her favorite desserts (such as rainbow cookies – but Dessert Bites doesn’t make these tasty treats anymore due to the colors and preservatives) growing up on the East Coast with Northeastern parents.  Travis has always loved to play with his food – and that’s what he does with his desserts too! He also wanders around the grocery store looking at all the shelves and imagining how he can improve upon or even reinvent favorite treats.  Lisa and Travis also love receiving customer feedback and requests.  Who knows, if you show up at a market where they are sampling, you might be able to try something they are market testing!

What are some of your favorite items from your business?

What advice do you have for other aspiring business owners?
Follow your passion and your heart!  As with anything in life, there are ups and downs, but your love will get you through the downs when you’ve done everything properly.  With that said, get to know your industry before you jump in so you can know what to expect.  After all, why try to reinvent the wheel?  Instead, make friends and get to know others in your industry.  They’ve learned so much and are often so willing to share – or at least our food community is.  How lucky we’ve been to develop so many wonderful friendships in which we all support each other!

How can people find you?

Website: http://utahdessertbites.com/
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/DessertBites
Twitter: https://twitter.com/DessertBites
Instagram: http://instagram.com/utahdessertbites/
Email: lisa@utahdessertbites.com or travis@utahdessertbites.com or dessertbites@wasatchonline.com

What area do you serve/sell to?  We sell locally to Utah and ship to the rest of the country.
Do you ship your products?  Absolutely!
What’s the best way for people to order from you? Either through our website or call us at 801-674-3049.