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Today’s guest tutorial is by Treats by Kristin. I spotted her beautiful embroidery-style cake pops on Instagram & she is here today to share her tips! — Ok, so I recently fell in love with the look of Embroidery Cake Pops! Once I tried it out, it was relatively easy & I am really excited share with everyone! First, the things you will need… Supplies

  • Cake pops (I used round, but I think flatter ones are a good choice too)
  • KC Bakes’ cake pop stand 🙂 (or Styrofoam if you don’t have one yet)
  • Royal icing or chocolate candy melts
  • Piping bags fitted with round #2 tips or Ziploc baggie with the tip cut off
  • A cup of water
  • Paper towels
  • And a brush like this…

Paint Brush That’s the short, squared-off brush from Wilton’s 3-brush set. It’s best to get the brush ready to go before you start piping; dip it in the water, and blot most of it off on the paper towel. Do this before piping each petal. To do a basic flower, first, start by piping the outline of a petal… Petal Outline Gently drag the icing from the outline in toward the center. Be careful to not drag too much chocolate or icing. Experiment with the wide and narrow sides of the brush tip to see what you like best, and what works best for you.

Brush Technique

To make a flower with six petals, I like to pipe three petals first, making sure they are evenly spaced. Its best to do one petal at a time until you really get the hang of it. Three Petals Then, I piped another three petals, in between the first three petals. The spacing in between the petals doesn’t need to be perfect because real flowers don’t have perfect spaced petals either! The finished result will look hand-drawn and beautiful… Six Petals Important Tip: once the icing/chocolate has started to dry the brush embroidery technique won’t work. When you clean off and moisten the brush in between petals, make sure it isn’t dripping wet; the excess water will cause the chocolate to seize and clump the icing. Wipe the brush almost dry on the paper towel. And there you have it! You can be creative and try out different designs (like the cake pop on the right). Embroidery Cake Pops I like to try out different size petals or pipe multiple circles or designs. Be creative and use your imagination… with this Embroidery technique, you can’t go wrong!