Often, through social media, we get to know brands just by their logo icon. But what about the person behind the brand?

That’s why I’ve been loving our Meet Me Monday blog series, getting to know more about the featured bakers. Personally, I enjoy the non-baking questions the most (at the end of the interview). I’ve become email buddies with a few of the bakers because we have a favorite tv show in common (*cough* Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… anyone? #dontjudge lol)

The candid answers are so interesting to read, I’m starting #FillintheBlank Fridays on Twitter. Every Friday morning, find me (@kcbakes) for a different question… I hope people play along, its so funny to see the random responses.

But why wait til Friday? I thought it’d be fun to do a little Fill in the Blank survey here on le’ blog, too!

Place answers in comment section & be sure to # your responses 🙂
(please leave only 1 comment, not separate comments for each question)

1. I don’t care what people think, _______ is an awesome movie!

2. My favorite ice cream topping is _______.

3. The one beauty product I can’t live without is _______ .

4. One food I absolutely can’t stand is _______.

5. My rock band’s name is _______ [color of your pants + last thing you ate].

6. If I had a personal assistant, the first thing I’d have them do is _______.

7. My alma mater is _______, Go _______! .

8. If you peek in my fridge, you’ll ALWAYS find _______.

9. When I was little, I wanted to be a _______ when I grew up.

10. The last restaurant I went to was _______.

(optional) 11. Visit my business at _______ (enter 1 link only).

My answers are… 

  1. Connie & Carla. I watch it everytime I make cake pops & sing along to all of the songs (I would not make it to Hollywood on American Idol) . 
  2. Rainbow Sprinkles. I layer them in as I scoop the ice cream. 
  3. Mascara. It’s the only make-up I wear; I have blonde lashes – it’s a must!
  4. Bananas. If someone is eating one near me, I’ll leave the room. 
  5. Black Samoas. I got snookered by my niece into buying a box (or 4).
  6. Pack my lunches. For some reason, I hate this chore.
  7. Temple University, go Owls!
  8. An empty Brita pitcher. Is it that hard to fill-up, hubby? 
  9. A cashier. I thought it’d be “so cool” to handle money all day, haha.
  10. Isaac’s. Their Pepper Jack Tomato Soup is ah-may-zing.
  11. www.kcbakes.com 

In the interest of  getting to know the person behind the logo, here’s a random shot of me delivering Phillies hat cake pops to an event 🙂