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I love making tutorials for you all, but I also love learning things from other cake poppers too! I think we each have something unique we can teach one another. That’s why I’m super excited to welcome Becky from Beckaboo’s Cakes as today’s guest blogger, sharing her Pot O’ Gold Cake Pop Tutorial – just in time for St. Patrick’s Day!

Hi everyone!

I love making simple, basic cake pops with a drizzle or a sprinkling of nonpareils  but I really love making holiday-themed cake pops. So, when Kim from KCBakes asked me to guest post a tutorial, I decided on these pot o’ gold cake pops.

If you have basic cake pop rolling and dipping down, these cake pops are just the next step up. As always, you’ll need to start with a baked and cooled cake, lollipop sticks (I use 6″), wax paper, and a display stand (get awesome ones here at KCBakes) and these few ingredients:

– Green candy melts (set some aside, 1  per cake pop, that you will not melt)
– Pearlized gold sugar sprinkles
– Americolor black edible marker

Start off, by crumbling your cake and rolling into simple cake pop balls. Once all cake has been rolled, melt your green candy melts in a bowl. I used a glass bowl and microwave – heat for 1 minute, stir, then 20 seconds, and stirred until smooth.

Then, dip the end of your lollipop stick in the chocolate, and then insert into the cake pop (I used gold chocolate I had leftover, and I didn’t get a photo of the sticks in the cake pops – sorry!). Put tray of sticked cake pops in freezer for no more than 10-15 minutes.

Remove cake pops from fridge. Be sure to check if your chocolate is still smooth and runny. Then, dip your cake pops like usual. Make sure you completely cover where the stick enters the ball. Try not to move around too much – one swipe in the chocolate on one side, then the other. Then wiggle gently to remove excess chocolate. If you need tips on dipping, check out my video on dipping cake pops here.

Once the cake pop is covered, place down on wax paper, stick side up.

Continue to dip remaining cake pops. Once dry, dip just the bottom of the cake pop in the chocolate. Then, add on a candy wafer that you put aside earlier. Let set.

Dip the candy wafer in the chocolate again – make sure the top is well coated with melted chocolate. Then, over a bowl, shake on the gold sprinkles.

Next, take your edible marker. I make three hearts with each of their points touching in the center. Then, fill in each heart and add a stem.

Final product should look like this!

Thanks for stopping by today to learn how to make Pot o’ Gold cake pops. And, thanks to Kim at KCBakes for sharing this tutorial!

Thanks so much Becky for sharing this awesome tutorial! Be sure to follow Beckaboo’s Cakes: