Today’s post was inspired by one of my good cake pop buddies, Pint Sized Baker. Her blog post yesterday featured the first cake pops she ever made… and I thought it was so neat to see that and how far she’s come as a cake pop artist! She posts a new tutorial or project each Thursday; make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss any of them!

So… here are the first cake pops that I ever made!

They were red velvet cake with buttercream frosting… wayyy too much buttercream frosting. I remember following instructions that recommended half a jar of frosting, and the cake balls were so wet, by the time I was done, my hands were covered in red. (A third of a tub is more than plenty). And you can see how lumpy my coating is!

What I found funny – looking at the time stamp on the picture, I did them on March 12, 2010… less than 3 years ago! It feels like I’ve been popping much longer than that 🙂

I made these pops in July 2010, experimenting with different drizzle styles, flavors, etc. Those hamburger pops are harder than they seem!

And in they are Styrofoam, ack!!! I didn’t make my first cake pop stand til later that year in December 2010, and KC Bakes officially launched in April 2011.

If you need some cake pop ideas, check out the tutorials we have over at KC Bakes:

Next week, Pint Sized Baker and I are teaming up for a cute Valentine’s Day idea… make sure you tune in!

When did you make your first batch of cake pops?