To fridge or to freeze – that is the question!

After you roll your cake balls, they need to be chilled so that they stay on the stick and hold their shape during the dipping process… but what is the best way to do this? The refrigerator or the freezer?

Please share what works best for you in the comments below!

For me, it’s the fridge…

And here’s a few reasons why…

Candy Cracking 
Using the fridge can help avoid cracking issues when the pops are dipped. Generally, cracking is due to a temperature issue – the cake balls are too cold and the melted candy is too hot.  Some bakers like to chill their cake pops in the freezer, and use mini Crock pots or double boilers to keep their chocolate hot – this can create an extreme difference in temperature.  When I make cake pops, I keep my cake balls in the refrigerator and use the microwave instructions on the candy melt bag.

Cake Ball Splitting

Has this ever happened to you when you put in the cake pop stick?

cake pop split

When the cake ball is over-chilled, it hardens and will split open as you insert the stick. I’ve actually had this happen to me when I leave them in the refrigerator for too long. What works best for me… I leave the cake balls in the fridge for the amount of time it takes me to melt my chocolate and get my dipping supplies all set up (usually about 10 minutes).  Click for an easy fix tip!

Pop Perspiration

As it gets hot and humid outside, it can effect your baking on the inside. If cake pops are put in the freezer, when you bring them out to dip, they can begin to sweat and little beads of moisture form on them.  Word to the wise: water and chocolate are mortal enemies. If too much moister gets into the chocolate, it will seize up into a lumpy mess.

So what method works best for you… fridge or freezer?