Name: Kaycee Capewell
Birthday: September 23rd
Business Name: One Bite At A Time
Location: Absecon, NJ

I have been baking for about six years now. It all started when my Mom was getting remarried and I thought, “Hey, I can make her wedding cake!” and I went for it! Being the daughter of a cake decorator, I figured I could handle it. I had a lot of help of course, my sister-in-laws and one of my cousins. We began to bake together and then I decided I wanted to go to school to become a pastry chef. This dream still has yet to come true because of well, life. In the mean time I have taken some baking courses at a trade school, Wilton courses at my local craft store, worked in a bakery, and worked in a grocery store bakery. I almost went to school for pastry two and a half years ago then found out I was pregnant with my adorable little girl! So I decided it best to put that on hold for the time being and instead start baking at home and hoping for the best!

When & how did you become a cake pop maker?
I saw Bakerella’s cake pops in a catalogue in fall of 2010. I decided to make cake pops that coming Valentine’s Day; they were, to say the least, ehhh not so great. After a while I tried it again and started to get the hang of it. I started to make new flavors and use my already tasty cake recipes for the pops.

Do you bake as your full-time job?
Yes, but baking isn’t my only full-time job, I am a stay at home mom and also going to college full time for a degree in the medical field as well as my pastry chef degree at the same time.

What inspires you in your baking; how do you come up with original ideas?
My ideas come from things I love to eat. I don’t do too many fun designs because there isn’t much of a request for fun designs. I like to add fun stuff into my mix and make fun flavors that taste like a popular dessert I or someone I may know love. My inspiration also comes from my Mom I call her a hundred times a day when I’m baking to ask her questions and get her input.

What are some of your favorite cake pops that you have made?

What advice do you have for other cake pop makers?
Patience! It takes so much patience! YouTube, Google, books, blogs, and nice people on Facebook. These things helped me so much in learning new tips and tricks to help in the learning process of making cake pops.

Do you make anything else in addition to cake pops?
Yes!! Cakes, Cupcakes, Mini Cupcakes, Gingerbread House Kits, and other tasty treats!

OK, some non-baking questions… 🙂

  • Favorite TV show or movie: TV show, I have a lot, but Dexter will win at the moment. Movie – Fight Club.
  • Favorite book: The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch
  • Favorite candy: Reese’s, hands down!
  • Favorite celebrity: Alton Brown – does he count?! Hope so cause he rocks!
  • If you could have any super power, what would it be, and why? Being Super Mom! I think that would include a couple of super powers though like, multi-tasking like a champ and accomplishing everything in a days’ time just to name a couple of them.

How can people find you?

Website: One Bite At A Time
Facebook: www.facebook.com/OneBiteAtATime
Instagram: OneBiteAtATime
Email: OneBiteCakery@yahoo.com

What area do you serve/sell to?  South Jersey
Do you ship your cake pops?  Almost! – Working on getting that now!
What’s the best way for people to order from you? E-mail or Facebook

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