Name: Katie Torbus
Birthday: December 2
Business Name: Katie Pops
Location: Dothan, AL… soon to be KY.

I am an Army wife and mother to 2 beautiful girls. Riley is 9 and Kendall is 5. I was born and raised in Nashville, TN. We moved to Dothan AL about a year and half ago. My husband was stationed at Ft. Rucker, AL. We just found out we will be moving to Ft. Knox, KY around May. My husband was deployed 4 different years to Iraq and Afghanistan. We have been apart more than we have been together. In fact, the longest we have been together at one time is right now (16 months at one time) since we met and married.


When & how did you become a cake pop maker?
I became a REAL cake pop maker last February. But in October 2010, my mom bought me the Bakerella book and I tried Halloween pops for the first time. They were just ok. =) But it was just a fun thing to do for my daughter’s class. Then I tried the cupcake cake pops for her birthday in February. I didn’t make any more until this past February. I made the cupcake ones again for my daughter and her class. People just LOVED them!!  One night I was in bed and just couldn’t sleep. Something just came to me, and I thought “I’m going to start selling them.” So I kept trying new ones and people couldn’t get over them. So it hasn’t even been a year yet and I’ve come a long way!


Do you bake as your full-time job?
My full time job is being a mother. =)  It keeps me very busy. My daughters are involved with dance class, chorus, religious classes, basketball practice and coaching (me), and speech classes for my little one. So I am always running around doing something. So I bake whenever I can!!  And I love it! I hope to make it full time with a store when I move to KY.


What inspires you in your baking; how do you come up with original ideas?
Well, Bakerella was and still is my first inspiration. What she created was magical!! =) I also draw inspiration from all of the fellow cake poppers I have found on FB. I try to be original when I can and put my own spin on it. I have always been very       creative. Before this, I was a wedding filmmaker. The creative juices flow through my veins. LOL. I have always loved art, but until cake pops didn’t have a true means to express it.

What are some of your favorite cake pops that you have made?

What advice do you have for other cake pop makers?
Just keep practicing. It takes some time to learn what to do and what NOT to do. That’s the most general advice I can give. Just don’t give up.

Do you make anything else in addition to cake pops?
Not really. I tried a couple of cakes for each of my daughter’s birthdays. The cakes weren’t the problem though, lol….fondant is NOT my thing!!  Cupcakes are awesome, but I can’t express my artistic creation like cake pops! Plus, cake pops are so darn tasty!!!

OK, now for some non-baking questions 🙂

  • Favorite TV show or movie: My favorite show at the moment is Walking Dead.
  • Favorite book: Well, I don’t have a lot of time to read, BUT….probably “Heaven is for Real” by Todd Burpo. 2 years ago December 5, my father passed away. He was the first close person I knew to die. I had so many questions and wanted to know he was better and happier in Heaven (he was a miserable, disabled Veteran). So I started reading about people’s experience with Heaven. This was the story about a very young boy who died and came back. It’s wonderful!!
  • My favorite fictional book: probably “Dear John” by Nicholas Sparks…because I am an army wife and I am a sucker for military related love stories. =)
  • Favorite candy: Peanut Butter Reeses cups…oh yummy!!!! I could eat a whole bag!!
  • Favorite celebrity: Hmmm…..that’s a hard one!! So many great ones…Tom Hanks…because he has ALWAYS been good and never changes! He seems like such a nice person.
  • If you could have any super power, what would it be, and why? Man oh man, if I had a super power I would want to be able to make things happen with just the point of a finger. Like dishes, point…bam…they are done! Laundry- point – bam…it’s cleaned, folded and put away! Toilets- point- bam… they are cleaned!! Haha, it never ends!!!

How can people find you?

Website: www.katiespops.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/KatiesPops
Twitter: https://twitter.com/KatiesPops
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/katiespops/
Instagram: http://instagram.com/katiescakepops

What area do you serve/sell to?  Dothan, AL
Do you ship your cake pops?  Well, only to people I know; it’s tricky!
How can people order from you? Facebook, or call 931-237-4686.