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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again – I. Love. Fall! The colors, the decorations and the weather gets cold enough for hoodies… nothing’s more cozy than a soft, comfy hooded sweatshirt!

I’m super excited to share these pumpkin cake pops with you, they were so fun to make. They’re great for any Fall fest or Halloween party!

I started off with regular size cake balls that I make with my 1.5″ cookie scoop.

Using a fondant veining tool, press grooves into the cake ball.

Continue around the cake ball until you have 5 grooves.

In this case, the less-symmetrical, the better. This may sound funny, but think about the pumpkins you see out in nature… for the most part, they look the same, but up close, they all have their own unique imperfections.

After you’ve done the 5th groove, sometimes the previous 4 grooves close up a little from it being handled. Before you put them in the fridge to set, go back and make sure all the grooves are deep enough for your liking.

After you dip the pops, the more excess chocolate you can tap off, the more dramatic the grooves will appear.

To make these pumpkins look like they are right out of the patch, get yourself some brown Wilton color dust. Unlike luster dust which has a shiny finish, this color dust has a matte finish. Dip the tip of your dry brush into the color dust, and tap off all of the extra dust — less is more. I’d advise doing this step over a large plate or waxed paper… its a little messy.

Brush the color dust right into the grooves of your pumpkin.

To keep the pumpkins looking life-like, smudge around the color dust with your finger tip… this will give some nice variance in the color, rather than a straight brown line in the grooves.

Pipe some vines on to the top of the pumpkins. Don’t stress yourself out striving for perfect loopy vines (like I did at first). Think about it, in what pumpkin patch are there rows of identical, perfect swirly vines? Variety is the spice of life!

For a natural-looking stem, pipe semi-cooled candy in a circular motion, building up as you go… similar to how they fill soft-serve ice cream cones. Note: I used Wilton candy dye to tint white candy melts this Kelly green color. 

If the chocolate is too warm, the chocolate won’t build up upon itself, giving it that gnarly look to it.

After the stem dries, brush on some brown color dust. For a darker brown stem, brush on a heavier coat of the color dust. I tried using chocolate candy melts for this step, but the consistency was too thin to build up the windy stem.

Ta da! What do you think?

Bonus decorating tip… check out this awesome Washi Tape that I got from Waiting on Martha!

It is perfect for dressing up your KC Bakes cake pop stands for any season! It goes on super smooth, almost flush to the surface of the stand. And it stays firmly in place, but peels off in a flash, leaving no residue behind.

Look how awesome it looks with the black chevron tape!

At only $3.00/roll, imagine all of the different looks you can give your KC Bakes cake pop stand… oh the possibilities!

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