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submitted by Catherine S…

A few years ago, I had just started selling my cakes. I had an order for a full sheet cake (which is my least favorite to make) for a kindergarten graduation. The people were ON THEIR WAY to my house to pick it up just shortly after I had finished it.

My husband had just gotten home, so I was following him around the house to hear about his day. Silly me hadn’t boxed up the cake yet. I turned the corner and my sweet 1 year old was COVERED in green frosting….

I ran to the dining room and she the whole side of the cake was missing!

I didn’t know if I should laugh, cry, throw-up, scream…etc. I kept my cool and called the people and explained what had happened. They totally understood because they had little kids and I told them I was going to try to salvage it and call them back.

Thankfully the party wasn’t until the next day, so I just cut the side off and re-iced and was able to scoot everything over a little. (and I gave them a big discount).

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