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Today’s “Wow Wow Wednesday” was submitted by Rebecca O. 

Hello Everybody!

My name is Rebecca and I am a full time student. I am currently finishing my bachelors of Human Biology (Pre Med). I also work for my school and I do cake pop orders in any other free time that I might have.

I stumbled across the art of cake pops last Christmas, and ever since, I haven’t been able to stop! Maybe one day I can expand what I do into something bigger, which would be amazing. I am always running ideas through my head for new cake pop ideas.

For all those who love to experiment with different methods for decorating cake pops, here are some pics of my latest endeavor.

This was my first try with my new airbrush! I love mixing different colors for swirls, stripes and dots. I use the Amerimist colors in both pearl and regular colors. I find that the regular colors go a lot further than the pearl ones do.


Then, put swirls with black chocolate on top for an extra bold look! I always finish my pops with edible glitter for that extra special touch. Or use just a small amount of color, and accent it with the black chocolate to make animal print.

The rectangular pops are great for a different look too! These are mint chocolate.

I hope you all have just as much fun with your creations as I do with mine!

– Rebecca


Have you made a unique style cake pop or have a fun technique to share? Send your story (& pics) to kcbakes@hotmail.com with Wow Wednesdays in the subject.

KC Bakes’ tip for black chocolate:

  • Wilton sells black candy melts, especially around Halloween time.
  • Make your own – combine dark blue and dark chocolate melted candy (it will look a strange color, but hang in there). Then add black candy dye – it will look very dark grey, but it dries black. This is good when you need black just for adding accents. 
  • Make sure you are buying ‘candy’ dye that is oil-based. If your dye has water in the ingredients list, it will seize the chocolate.
  • Do not add black dye to white melts – you’ll waste an entire container of dye, and usually it never gets the whole way there. Always start with a dark color candy melt.