It’s happened to all of us. You’re baking something for an event, and for whatever reason, things go TERRIBLY wrong. In the moment, it feels like the world is going to end. But we survive. And hearing of someone else’s fiasco somehow makes us feel better, because you realize that you’re not the only one to have problems in the kitchen.

In that spirit, I’ve started a Baking Blunders category here on le’ blog. I’ll post stories as they are emailed to me – – and please EMAIL them to me, don’t leave an entire story in the comments.

If you have pics to go with the story, even better.  Case-in-point… had I taken a picture of the time I dropped an entire bowl red velvet cake batter on my kitchen floor, you’d all be laughing your tushies off right now 🙂

For the first Blunder, I offer up a mini-catastrophe that happened to yours truly… re-reading this today, I’m cracking up, lol.


Fondant in my Eye         originally posted 11/14/11

There are a lot of phrases out there involving our eyes… we can have stars in our eyes, be the apple of someone’s eye and if you’re too sexy for your shirt, you could be considered eye candy.  But I’m pretty sure there aren’t any phrases involving eyes and fondant.  Let me explain.

For those unfamiliar with the sugary substance, fondant looks like white play-dough and has a pliable consistency that can be rolled thin to cover cakes, or be sculpted into figurines.  I had ordered two buckets of white fondant for my latest cake project, so all of the colors you see in the picture below were different pieces that I dyed myself.

So back to my eye.  I was wearing gloves to dye the fondant, and was alternating between kneading the color throughout the fondant, and pulling it like taffy to stretch it out.  On one of the “pulls”, I unknowingly pinched the finger of my glove, stretching that out too, and before I knew it, there was a simultaneous *snap* of the glove-finger and something shot into my eye like a ball right off the club of Tiger Woods.

I dropped everything on the counter, ripped off my gloves and ran into the bathroom to inspect what just happened.  On my three-second journey down the hall, all of these thoughts managed to speed through my mind like a CNN ticker:

OWWW! what was that? was it part of the glove? omg what if it was a piece of latex – how do I get that off of my eye? what if it sticks to my eyeball and rolls back behind my eyelid? no way am I calling an ambulence for this…CRAP what if it’s fondant? water is like glue for fondant, what if it glues part of my eye together!?  do I drive myself to the hospital? those waiting rooms take forever, I don’t have that kind of time… this is for charity, I gotta’ finish this cake for these girls!!

I leaned close to the mirror, opened my eye as wide as I could, terrified of what I was going to see… and what did I see?  Not any piece of the glove (thank God!) but a 1/4″ oblong piece of blue fondant clinging to my eye like a contact lens!  Using the edge of my finger, I was able to get it out pretty easily actually, avoiding any potential injury I thought I was going to have.

WHEW, what a relief. For some reason, I felt like I had just survived something really traumatic, but the whole episode lasted all of 4 minutes.  So, I dusted myself off, and got back to work… and after a total of 15 working hours, the masterpiece was finished!

Cakes donated to the family of twin sisters, Rylan & Dakota, via Icing Smiles.