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M-i-c, k-ey, M-o-u-s-e!  OK, I will now have that song stuck in my head all day, but I couldn’t resist given today’s Muse… Disney!

The trick with modelling cake pops after characters that are so well known, is that they have such distinct features to replicate. These bakers did that, and more, really capturing the essence of Disney in some wonderfully original creations!

Show the bakers some love, with some “likes”.  Also, read the captions carefully… there’s some tutorials sprinkled in there… enjoy!

Daisy Duck by kCreative

Princess Dresses by Entirely Sweet

Mickey Hat Kids by Mom’s Killer Cakes

Pinocchio Pops by CandiQuik, plus Tutorial

Beauty and the Beast by Cake Pop My Heart, plus 5 other Disney sets

Snow White Pops by Cake Pop Princess

Tangled Pops by Lori’s Sweet Cakes, in a KC Bakes stand 🙂

Zebra Minnie Mouse Pops by Lori’s Sweet Cakes, plus Tutorial