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I’m a big fan of themed days, and there are so many of them around the web.  From Meatless Mondays to Follow Fridays… there’s always something to look forward to in various communities.

I’d like to start ‘Make-It Mondays’, and feature you cake pop artisans as guest bloggers!  There’s such an incredible wealth of talent out there… I’m in constant awe as I see posts on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Ideally, this will become a weekly post… how fun would that be, a new lesson each Monday?  Its my hope that this becomes a way to get your names out there and showcase your expertise!

What I’m looking for…
– unique cake pop idea (or other treat on a stick)
– photo tutorial format showing pictures of each important step
– clear explanations of each step

The baker featured on each Make It Monday will get our full Facebook & Twitter support so that their creativity is fully recognized.  Their post will also be featured on our Tutorials website, http://www.kcbakes.com/tutorials.html, with links posted back to their website as well.

What do you think… sound like fun? 🙂

Email your pitch to kcbakes@hotmail.com with “Make It Monday” in the subject.  If you already have an existing tutorial that you’d like to share, that’s great too… send a link along in the email.