It’s been such a fun week of giveaways and we’re sad to see it end.  But we’ve got a WHOPPER for Day 5… an Ultimate Cake Pop Kit!  With all of the prizes today, all you need is a box of cake and you’re on your way to making hundreds of cake pops!

The Easy Roller, invented by Jennifer of Heavenly Cake Pops, is quite simply the most amazing cake pop tool out there.  Making cake pops can take hours of physical labor – ripping up the cake, turning it into dough, rolling out the cake balls. Then there’s the issue of consistency – getting each cake ball the exact same size.  The Easy Roller solves both of these problems, producing up to 21 consistent cake balls in just a few minutes!

See the Easy Roller in action (and enjoy the tune… I dance around each time I listen to it, lol).

Next up in this Ultimate Cake Pop Kit is a Cake Pop Stand from yours truly, KC Bakes!  You didn’t think we’d go the whole week without giving away a stand, did you? Our cake pop stands completely eliminate the need for Styrofoam – that messy, expensive and wasteful material, yuck.  Each KC Bakes stand is solid wood, providing you with a sturdy base that will last you for years if cared for properly.  And because each stand receives 2 coats of protective finish, you can get chocolate drizzled all over it, and it cleans up quickly to give you a beautiful display for your cake pops.

We’ve also got more CandiQuik – hooray!  Honestly, can you ever have enough chocolate? Since I started using CandiQuik, I haven’t had any pops become cracked, and it’s eliminated the problems I had with air bubbles.  And one of my favorite things I enjoy – the taste! In comparison to other melts/barks, CandiQuik contains premium, all natural ingredients (finer refined sugars, more cocoas and milk products, giving it a richer taste and creamier texture.

To top off the kit, we’ve thrown in a ton of cake pop sticks and some paper straws 🙂


Today’s giveaway features five items. Open to U.S. Residents only.

(1) Easy Roller from Heavenly Cake Pops.  Save your hands from the repetitive rolling motion of making cake pops.  The Easy Roller rolls 21 cake pops in mere minutes and produces consistent 1.25″ diameter cake balls each time!  The unit is made from food safe plastic and all its parts are dishwasher safe!

(2) Double Dozen Cake Pop Stand by KC Bakes.  Free yourself from the mess, expense and waste of Styrofoam with a wooden Cake Pop Stand from KC Bakes!  Each stand is hand-crafted and receives two coats of protective finish so that it can get messy while decorating, and be cleaned to use as a beautiful display.

(3) Case of Chocolate from CandiQuik.  Log House CANDIQUIK® Coatings, like almond bark, can be used for home candy making as well as countless other applications. All Log House CANDIQUIK® Coatings are packaged in the Melt & Make Microwaveable Tray™. Simply remove the overwrap and… Melt, Create, and Enjoy!. Winner will receive 6 packages (or 6 lbs) of Candiquik (3 Vanilla, 3 Chocolate).

(4) Cake Pop Sticks.  Two (2) packages of 200 cake pop sticks!

(5) Paper Straws.  Twenty-four (24) navy-blue striped paper straws!


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