Today is our KC Bakes Etsy shop‘s 1st Birthday!  Woohooo!!! Cue the streamers and balloons 🙂

Here to celebrate today are three companies that I really enjoy, and I have been a very happy customer of theirs.

Best Darn Kettlecorn, simply put, is THE best darn kettlecorn that I’ve ever had.  Hubby and I have enjoyed several tubs of some of our favorite flavors – Golden Buffalo Cheddar and Dark Chocolate Drizzle.  They have over 40 flavors, and somehow they still manage to dream up even more, recently debuting their Caramel Line.  Best Darn Kettlecorn is a family-run business, and they embrace all of their fans and followers like family, interacting with them everyday on Facebook and Twitter.  One of their product lines that I really love is their Gourmet Popcorn Bar… how awesome is that?!  I’ve been to so many weddings that have cupcakes or some other sweet… a popcorn buffet would definitely make for a unique event!

The Shirt Dudes is another awesome company.  One of their shirts caught my eye on Pinterest, and I’ve been a fan ever since.  Their wit and sense of humor combine for some pretty funny sayings.  What’s really great is that The Shirt Dudes are true originals.  Each design is drawn on Adobe Illustrator by their team, and then is screenprinted by hand on a manual-press, not automatic-machine. When you order, they pull out a fresh blank shirt with your desired options..then print made-to-order.  In fact, the shirt they donated for this giveaway was a custom idea. I loved their line of “Trust Me” shirts, and thought hmm, what would a baking audience love… “Trust Me * I’m a Baker”!

The third company to round out today’s giveaways is CandiQuik! This brand has quickly become my go-to chocolate for my cake pops. I can honestly say that since I’ve switched to CandiQuik – I’ve not had one single pop become cracked – seriously!  And I really love that it comes in its own microwavable tray! Now, trust me, I could go on longer about my new fav’ chocolate melt, butttt they may be popping up again this week, so stay tuned!

Good luck!


Today’s giveaway features three items.  U.S. Residents Only.  Deadline to enter is 11:00pm EST tonight.

(1) Popcorn Pops from Best Darn Kettlecorn.  Gourmet Caramel Corn on a stick! Enjoy a set of nine (9) gourmet caramel popcorn balls each dipped in rich dark chocolate then drizzled with white chocolate. Best Darn Kettlecorn is home to over 45 gourmet popcorn flavors!

(2) “Trust Me, I’m a Baker” T-Shirt from The Shirt Dudes.  Show them who’s boss of the kitchen oven! Whether it’s cookies, cakes, pies, or sweet & delicious treats, you are a professional!  The winner will choose the shirt type (male or ladies), color (Red, Charcoal, Black, White, Grey, Blue) and size.

(3) Case of Chocolate from CandiQuik.  Log House CANDIQUIK® Coatings, like almond bark, can be used for home candy making as well as countless other applications. All Log House CANDIQUIK® Coatings are packaged in the Melt & Make Microwaveable Tray™. Simply remove the overwrap and… Melt, Create, and Enjoy!. Winner will receive 6 packages (or 6 lbs) of Candiquik (3 Vanilla, 3 Chocolate).


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