Hi Friends!  Since it’s likely I may not be around a computer on Sunday, April 1st, I wanted to make sure I uphold my New Year’s Resolution to check in on my New Year’s Resolutions on the first day of each month this year (is that like life intimidating art intimidating life? lol).

I’m not sure about you, but I felt like March took its good ol time, just dragging on by.  I had two huge cake pop orders in the same week (last time I do that!), traveled to Atlantic City for a baking convention, business got busier… oy vey!

Since I accomplished my first resolution, I’m not going to keep that on the list moving forward and re-shift my numbers so it doesn’t look like I started out my list at #2 🙂

1. Be a better blogger!

Update: I need to develop a schedule, and I know that will help me out.  Sometimes I have tons of ideas but no time to write, or I’ll have tons of time to write but wind up with writer’s block.  My tutorials seem to be the most popular, so I’d like to start making more time to do new teaching posts.

2. Get healthy & active! 

Update: I am still going strong with my @LoseItApp, but things can get tricky when my food doesn’t come with a nutrition label.  For example, my office has a cafeteria in it and the other day I got a turkey wrap which they make on site.  So I did my best to Google the calories of each ingredient.  But the other night, my best friend and I went for sushi… these calories are so tough to calculate because it was a tiny little independent sushi restaurant, so its not like they had nutrition facts on their website.  But c’mon, how good does this look?  (in case you’re wondering, it was AH-MAY-ZING)

And I may or may not have taken part in this fried ice cream…

2a. Lose weight.

Update: For the month of March, I’ve lost *drumroll*… 7.2 pounds!  Add that to the total and I am down 18.8 pounds!  I may have to start taking pictures soon to show before/after progress.

I wasn’t able to run the last few weeks, so I was really scared that’d effect my progress. But sticking to my Lose It budget really proved to be effective.

2b. Participate in the 2012 Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10-Miler & 3c. Participate in a mud run.

Update: not too much to report here since the races are not for another few months.  I may also sign up for The Color Run… how fun does this look?

3.  Spend more quality time with friends! 

Update: My best friend Lauren is a police officer who works 3rd shift and has rotating days off – so this has proved tricky to coordinate schedules with, but we are making it work.  She was my partner-in-crime for the sushi I shared above.

4. Start a family.

Update: I share this update with mixed emotions.  As I shared last month, I found out my friend had become pregnant.  Well, at 8 weeks, she sadly had a miscarriage.  It was a very emotional time because she is like a sister to me, but she’s doing much better and is planning to try again in a few months.

As for me & hubby, we are making progress with our doctor.  I’ve been put on Clomid, which is why I haven’t been running.  Doc’ said that all of that impact exercise isn’t necessarily conducive to producing eggs, which I guess I can see his logic.  It’s funny because he is signed up to do the Broad Street Run too.   Fingers crossed, wish us luck!  Who knows what may happen in the next few weeks.

Are any of you still keeping up with your resolutions?  What are you hoping to achieve in 2012?