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When I got married in October 2009, we had a beautiful cupcake tree, complete with custom owl cake toppers. This picture brings back so many fun memories of that day!

When we ordered the cupcakes however, we needed to pay an additional $40 to rent the gorgeous cupcake tower. At first, I was a little wary of extra charges because I was on a tight budget. But let’s be honest – this display made them look so amazing! Had the same cupcakes just been lined up on a flat table, they wouldn’t nearly have had the same effect.  I looked at it as an investment, and it was truly worth it.

As a cake pop maker, your customers are already coming to you for your beautiful cake pop designs.  But what are they doing with your pops at their event?  Piling them into a basket, laying them on the table, or worse… buying Styrofoam (cue my reaction) which will get wastefully thrown out after the party?

Bring In More Money
A rental program not only ensures that your pops are beautifully displayed, but its an easy way to bring in extra money for your business! Say you charged only $10 per rental, and you had 2 rentals per month… that’s an additional $240 a year that you could bring in to your business, just from letting someone rent your stand.

KC Bakes has five size options of cake pop stands, which can be used in a variety of event settings.  The smaller stands such as the Skinny Mini or Mini Stand are great for centerpieces on party tables. The bigger stands such as the Classic or Mega Stand could be used on a dessert buffet table.

Benefits of a Cake Pop Stand Rental Program:
– Generate additional revenue on your cake pop orders
– Offer rental-only program (customer provides treats but rents your stand)
– Provide start-to-finish dessert services to your clients

Rental Program Structure:
Determine rental fee for your stands. This is a flat fee which customers would pay you to rent the stand.

Establish an acceptable return period. The longer you give people to return a rental, there’s a higher likelihood of it getting damaged, lost or forgotten. Usually one week is a standard rental return time. Developing a “late return policy” is helpful to ensure the stand is returned on time.  If there’s no penalty for late returns, there’s often no incentive for people to abide by your time frame.

Request a security deposit for the value of the stand.  This type of deposit is necessary to ensure the stand is returned in good condition – this way if its lost or damaged, you are not out any money to replace it.  Most businesses will ask for the security deposit as a separate check (not immediately cashing it). If the stand is brought back in acceptable condition, you can return the original check to your customer upon return.

Advertise your rental program. People can’t rent your stands if they don’t know you have them! Put a “Stand Rental” menu option on your website, tweet about it, status on Facebook – even blog about it. Include it on your order form when customers order your cake pops. Visuals definitely help – take a picture of your pops in the stand so customers can see how beautiful it looks.

Rental programs are also a great way to get feedback about your cake pops!  Sometimes you never see a person after an order, but if they have to return the stand to you, that’s another opportunity to get to know them better & nurture that relationship.

Photo Credits:
Custom Owl Cake Toppers: Esther, fliepsiebieps
Cupcakes: Jasmine, The Couture Cakery
Wedding Photography: Matt & Nat, (mattnnat)
Nautical Dessert Table: Valerie, Top It Off Designs