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spoiler alert: Yes I am losing it, but more about that in a little bit… see 3a.

While January admittedly flew past me, February definitely felt longer… maybe because of Leap Day? I’m not sure, but I do know that I am so happy to see March!  The promise of springtime, flowers, trees getting their leaves back, opening up all the windows in the house & fresh air, ahhhh….

As promised, I’m here to update you on my status of my New Year’s Resolutions.

1. Organize my kitchen cupboards, especially those I designate for baking!
Update: accomplished!

2. Be a better blogger!

Update: This rezzie is a work in progress.  February started off strong with a few recipes, tutorials and I had a lot of fun profiling our top 5 Golden Poppies winners.  But as I get more into my running, and my work schedule being a little crazy, I’d come home exhausted and just want to relax.  I promise lil’ blog here is definitely on my mind all the time.  Still workin’ on #2 here.

3. Get healthy & active! 

Update: I am so excited how #3 is going!  My @LoseItApp has been making SUCH a difference. I really can’t say enough about it.  It really has put my eating in perspective.  Hubby (who is also using Lose It) and I are now finding ourselves in a store or restaurants going, “ugh, we ate all of that?”, now being conscious of a food’s calorie load.  Prime example:

This past Friday, we went to Bertucci’s… date night, woo hoo!  It’s down the road from our house, and we’ve gone there often.  But this time was different… we were armed with Lose It.  First, we politely declined the complimentary bread basket knowing two facts:

  1. If they bring it, we will eat it.
  2. One roll is 170 calories (not including the oil), and we each eat 2 rolls.  It takes me 30 minutes on the stationary bike to burn 170 calories… 2 rolls are not worth AN HOUR on the bike, not to mention I haven’t even gotten to the meal yet.

The waitress was more than patient with us as we cross-referenced the menu with our Lose It app and decided which meals we wanted that fit into our calorie budget for the day.  I wound up going with the Seafood Torta & a side of mashed potatoes.  I was 100% satisfied not only with the meal, but proud of me and hubby for having a fun night out & sticking to our healthy eating plan.

3a. Lose weight.

Update: For the month of February, I’ve lost *drumroll*… 6.1 pounds!  Add that to the total and I am down 11.6 pounds! When I looked down on the scale yesterday and saw that I had entered double-digits of weight loss, I was smiling from ear to ear.

If I didn’t think I’d pull a muscle, I’d totally do something like this…

3b. Participate in the 2012 Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10-Miler & 3c. Participate in a mud run.

Update: I’m signed up for the @IBXRun10!!!  I’m so grateful they allowed 3,000 Blue Cross members to sign up a day early, because when registration went live to the public, over 27,000 race spots sold out in 5 hours!

I’m happy to report my running has improved immensely!  When I tried jogging back in January, I could barely run at a 4.8 for 20 minutes on the treadmill.  Well, last Saturday, I ran 7 MILES (in about 85 minutes) and actually felt really great afterwards!

4.  Spend more quality time with friends! 

Update: This isn’t as quantifiable as some of my other goals, but I’m having fun making time to hang out with my friends and make new ones as well.

5. Start a family.

Update: OMG – I have some great news.  My best friend (who I mentioned that was also having trouble conceiving)… SHE’S PREGNANT!  She is due October 19, and I could not be a more excited auntie!!!

As for me & hubby, we just finished up the first round of testing.  I had to get blood drawn to run a few tests, hubby had to do his… ya’ know… his part.  Today I went for an HSG test, aka “the dye test” where the determine if your tubes are open… and mine are, woo hoo!  We go for our consultation on March 13th where our doctor will break down all of our test results and lay out a game plan on how to move forward.  I’m excited!

Are any of you still keeping up with your resolutions?  What are you hoping to achieve in 2012?