One month ago to the day, we introduced The Golden Poppies.  Hundreds upon hundreds of votes were cast and we were introduced to a lot of talented cake pop makers. This week we will feature the top five most-nominated bakers.  First up, Cake Pop Princess!

Name: Bianca Benn
Business Name: Cake Pop Princess
Location: Kent, UK

Background: I live in Kent, England, but was born in Adelaide, South Australia. I’m married to my lovely husband, Pascal, and have two young children – Seb (3) and Lucie (17 months). I love cake decorating shows, and The US Office. I have a bit of a crush on Steve Carell!

When & how did you become a cake pop maker?
Unlike most people, I’d never heard of Bakerella when I first made cake pops. My very first time was making these from a program I watched and that’s why I don’t use frosting in any of my pops – I completely changed the recipe to suit my own needs and to create the other flavours I do. After making my first ever pops (just plain round balls) I uploaded a picture onto Facebook, and my friends suggested that I go into business. I was skeptical at first, but a friend asked if I could make them look like ponies and I said I’d try. It was then I discovered the amazingly creative world of character cake pops and I was well and truly hooked.

Do you bake as your full-time jobIf yes, how do you enjoy it?
I’m a full-time popper now, with two assistants. It’s such hard going, as I have to do everything – from ordering stock, to answering emails, and tax returns. I frequently work 60 hours a week – I can never really switch off, I’m always thinking of pops!

What inspires you in your bakingHow do you come up with your original ideas?
I love to see what other cake poppers are doing. Sometimes I take inspiration from them, but most of the time it’s just from inside my head. I get as much information as possible from the client as I find it helps to know what might be suitable. For example, if the client tells me she has bunting for her sweetie table, I’ll ask to see the bunting and try to incorporate as much detail as possible. It’s always important for me to put my own spin on things. Everything I make should be instantly identifiable as mine. At least I hope so, anyhoo!

What would you consider to be your cake pop specialty?
I love my guitars, but suspect I’m most well-known for my interpretations of client’s dogs or my children’s TV Characters. I love to make things as life-like and realistic as possible.  (see the guitar & dog pops below)

What is your favorite thing about cake pops?
They’re just so versatile, and I love how they can be so easily personalised. Not to mention portable!

What was your reaction to finding out that you were one of the Top 5 most-nominated cake pop makers?
It was a great honour. It was so nice to have been recognised for my work. I put so much love into my pops, sometimes too much love!

Do you have any baking goals for 2012?
I know it sounds really silly, but I’d love for a celebrity to eat one of my pops. They don’t even have to tell anyone about it, it’s just for me to know they have. Hopefully that’ll be happening really soon, so might get my wish!

What advice do you have for new cake pop makers?
As with most cake-related jobs, the hours are long and the pay is pretty darn terrible. Do it because you love it, not because you want to get rich! I love to share my knowledge with newbies, and admin a cake popping forum (www.facebook.com/theukcakepopforum).

What are some of your favorite pops that you’ve made?

Where can you find Cake Pop Princess?

Website: www.cakepopprincess.co.uk
Facebook: www.facebook.com/cakepopprincess
Twitter: @cakepopprincess
Blog: http://thecakepopprincess.blogspot.com

What area do you serve/sell to? All over the UK, and beyond. They’ve even been to Japan & Brazil!

Do you ship your cake pops? Absolutely – almost all of my pops are mailed.

What’s the best way for people to order from you? Via email, bianca@cakepopprincess.co.uk