Well hello February!  Where did January go?  Wow that month whizzed by!

It’s about this time that people forget about their New Year’s resolutions, if they haven’t done so already.  But I am quite passionate about my goals this year, and as promised, I’m here to update you on my status with them.

1. Organize my kitchen cupboards, especially those I designate for baking!

Status: complete!  Target was having some great post-holiday sales, and I bought this 3-drawer cart that is devoted to all of my cake pop supplies.  Now, instead of my cabinet being like a game of Jenga, I know exactly where everything is.  I really should’ve taken before/after pics – woops!

The top drawer is for sprinkles & candy dye.  The middle drawer is for candy melts which I’ve put in clear Ziploc bags, making it easier to see how much of each color I have in stock.  The bottom drawer contains sticks, bags, ribbon, twisty-ties and stuff like that.  So far, it’s working out great!

2. Be a better blogger!

Update: This one hasn’t gone exactly to plan. I’m aiming for at least 2-3 posts a week.  So far, its been closer to 1-2.  I get so busy sometimes, I’d rather not write a post than slap one together real quick just to make my goal.   But I am more conscious of it now and hope to have an improved report for this rez’ next month.

3. Get healthy & active! 

Update: this is going great!  I’ve reactivated my LoseIt app on my phone and it has been SUCH a help in portion control.  It puts portions in perspective and really allows me to see food as more of a fuel than an emotional crutch.  It gives you a budget which helps me in decision making as well… can I have this Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (150 cal)? If I have room in my calorie budget, it’s a go!

3a. Lose weight.

Update: I’m so excited to report that since January 1st, I’ve lost…. *drumroll*… 5.5 pounds!  That’s a whole dumbbell 🙂

3b. Participate in the 2012 Blue Cross Broad Street Run 10-Miler & 3c. Participate in a mud run.

Update: I have started back on the treadmill to rebuild my endurance.  Tuesday & Thursday are my treadmill days. I do interval sprints (walk for a minute, run for a minute, alternating for 20 min), and some days I do a 30 min jog.  The other days I rotate between the bike, elliptical and a cross-training machine.  Also, I lift weights on Tuesday/Thursdays.

4.  Spend more quality time with friends! 

Update: This is going great!  My girlfriends & I went out for sushi for a Girls Night – – such a great combo… wine, sushi & gossip!

5. Start a family.

Update: Today, I called and made an appointment with a fertility center in our area, recommended to me by my best friend who also been having challenges conceiving this past year.  She said the staff is so nice, informative and they have a clear plan mapped out, which I like.  I tend to get doctors that give vague answers like, “well, we’ll see how this works”.

Are any of you still keeping up with your resolutions?  What are you hoping to achieve in 2012?