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On Sunday, January 15th, Hollywood’s elite will be gathering for the 69th Annual Golden Globes awards where various accolades will awarded to recognize excellence in film and television, both foreign and domestic.

The Globes kick-off what’s known as Awards Season, during which a number of major awards shows take place; Sundance, SAG, BAFTA, Grammys, Academy Awards, etc. I’ve watched too many episodes of The Rachel Zoe Project.

Besides being an excuse to wear some really fancy dresses, these awards recognize the great deal of skill of actors, directors, make-up artists, composers, producers, etc.  And while actors get paid millions of dollars (said like this) to focus full-time on their craft, many bakers only have a few precious hours a day to work on their cake pops, usually juggling work, family, kids, school and the like in between. 

This got me to thinking… there should be an award to recognize the amazing work done by the cake pop community!  To the average consumer, a cake pop may seem like some simple treat that can be eaten in just a few bites, then -poof- its gone.  But we bakers know that cake pops are true art form – they take  hours of preparation, experimenting and testing various techniques, incredible patience and artistic flair to produce these magnificent little works of cake.

So without further ado, I’m excited to introduce the:

—>  1st Annual Golden Poppies  <— 

Please check out the link above and nominate your favorite cake pop maker!

Those Hollywood actresses don't have anything on Miss Owl 🙂