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Today’s Muse: Santa Hats

My new rule of thumb: when in doubt, go to Pinterest. What should I make for dinner? What’s an easy DIY craft project? What are some good motivational quotes to start working out again?  These answers and many more can all be answered by poking around Pinterest!

As I was browsing the boards today, I came across the cutest Christmas dessert idea… Santa Hat Brownies!

This got me to thinking… what other creative ways could you make a Santa Hat out of food? I mean, other than a cupcake or cookie… that seems too easy. Well, I found my answer, and then some!  Look at these adorable creations…

Chocolate Covered Bugles for Santa Hat Party Mix

Babybel Cheese Santa

Santa Hat Pretzels with Marshmallow Pom Poms

Black Olive Christmas Penguins with Cherry Tomato Santa Hats

Strawberry Santas

Santa Crackers

Have you made any creative holiday foods?  I’d love to hear about them!

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