On Wednesday, November 23rd, the topic of #startupchat was Gratitude in Business. It was a very timely topic with Thanksgiving being the next day, and gave chatters a chance to reflect and get new ideas on how they integrate gratitude into their business.

  • How do expressions of gratitude make you feel?
  • How do expressions of gratitude help to nurture business relationships?
  • What expressions of gratitude do you do annually for your clients/partners?

Par the course, the chat was full of excellent feedback from both industry professionals and new entrepreneurs on how we give back and show our appreciation.

If you weren’t able to attend the chat, please check out my wrap-up summary post as a newly minted guest blogger on Startup Princess’s website: Gratitude in Business!

Today’s chat topic: How to Rock Facebook!  Join us at 2pm EST/12pm MTN by searching #startupchat on Twitter, or enter #startupchat in the topic bar on http://www.tweetchat.com (a great tool for participating in Twitter chats).