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For Tuesday Muse-Days, I usually feature one specific blog or baker as my muse, but today I’m widening my horizons to feature an inspiring food category – food on a stick!

When I first started my cake pop stand business, I figured the stands would be used for the obvious – cake pops.  I had no idea about this phenomenon of food on a stick outside lollipops or corn dogs.

A couple months ago, I got an order from an executive chef who was creating Lobster Pops for his new restaurant, Ra Pour, in California.  Being a huge seafood fan, I was immediately intrigued, and simultaneously jealous that I didn’t live close by – that sounded so good!  Ra Pour opened yesterday with this beautiful appetizer on their dinner menu…

Black Skinny Mini stands by KC Bakes

This got my wheels turning… what other food can be made on a stick and used in our cake pop stands?

Well, I got my answer, and then some.  There are blogs, books and Pinterest boards and solely devoted to foods on sticks!  Not to be left out of the fun, I created my own “Food on a Stick” board – I was absolutely blown away by the creativity of what I found! I’d mention my favorites here, but the list would be too long – just check out the board, they’re all fab!

Another creative idea came by way of Top It Off Designs, an amazingly skilled party planner, who accessorizes her stand by party theme.  Check out her spin on Nautical Chocolate-Dipped Marshmallows; she even added little crab decals to the stand for the occasion!

White Skinny Mini Cake Pop Stand by KC Bakes

Sometimes with all of these crafty creations, it’s not always clear what flavor something is based on sight alone – so we’ve got the perfect solution – chalkboard front cake pop stands!  Feast your eyes on these beautiful pops by our friend Pint Sized Baker

KC Bakes Mini Cake Pop Stand with Chalkboard Front

What will you make on a stick?