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I. Love. Food.  Food blogs, food photography, food competitions, food books and pretty much any show on the Food Network.  And we are rapidly approaching my favorite food holiday, Thanksgiving, wahoo!

I love all of the tastes of course, but the color – oh, how I adore the colors of Fall season.  Just look at the gorgeous orange hue of sweet potato pie…

Or the intense red in cranberry jelly…

And the gorgeous golden yellow/orange tones of an Autumn Spice Cupcake…

But if you are in Denise Mancuso’s kitchen, you’d be wise to ask before you eat – all of these “foods” are SOAP!  Go ahead, scroll back up… click on the pictures too… I’ll wait.

Denise, founder of AJ Sweet Soap, is the genius behind these life-like vegan soap creations.  Every time I check her Etsy shop, I am blown away by the original designs I see.  And while a large amount of the themes are centered around food, they also make fun novelty soap items like Soap Bites vampire fangs, Hippie Groove peace signs, or Bubbly Bling soap rings that you can actually wear!

Denise has an awesome sense of humor with her creations too, coming up with hilarious soap sets like The Pregnancy Craving pickles & ice cream soap or Pick Me a Winner finger & booger soap… yes, boogers!

Make sure you follow Denise on Twitter… you never know what she’ll come up with next!