Happy Halloween friends!  Halloween is just around the corner, and friends of mine are STILL asking for costume ideas.  I must admit I’m not that much help in this department… when I was little, my costumes were pretty basic; a witch, a vampire, something to do with a rainbow wig, and one year I was Roger Rabbit, which involved one of those plastic masks that made your face hot every time you breathed.

Speaking of my childhood, Mary Poppins was one of my all-time favorite movies.  To this day, I can still recite most parts of it.  And last year, my Mom and I saw Mary Poppins on Broadway (ah-mayyy-zing!).  Remember the Jolly Holiday scene? 

Well needless to say, I was swept up in nostalgia by the Mary Poppins halloween costumes I saw today on Make It Love It and just had to make it today’s muse!

Does it get any cuter?

Ashley created the most amazing costumes for her kiddos… Bert, Mary and one of the penguins from the Jolly Holiday scene!  For all you DIY’ers, she even put together a step-by-step photo tutorial to show how she created them!  Her talent absolutely blows my mind… these aren’t just costumes, these are hand-crafted pieces of wearable art that her children will be able to cherish for years to come.  The detail and workmanship she put into these outfits… wow… just, wow! 

Ashley is quite the wiz with her computer too!  Check out this amazingly adorable video she put together to tie everything together… Bert & Mary are so charming, and her little penguin with that squishy plush belly is pure sunshine.

Since we’re talking about costumes, look at this costume I randomly came across. It made me laugh so loud, I had to share…


Are you and/or your kiddos dressing up this year?