Halloween is rapidly approaching, which brings to mind all things scary and spooky.  Today’s muse is scary, but not in the way you might think.

For some reason, making decorated sugar cookies absolutely terrifies me!  I had a really bad experience attempting to make royal icing one time, and I think it scarred me.  But after seeing these quirky Halloween cookies, I may have to give them a second chance.

Check out these vampire fang cookies by Sugarbelle’s!  I saw them posted by Baking cakes, and its good that pictures are worth a thousand words, because their post was in Italian 🙂

There are so many things I love about SugarBelle’s cookie tutorial.  She writes like she is speaking right to you, so it reads more like a conversation, which makes it so much easier to follow.  She also gives you tips that she has learned along the way in her baking journey.  I always feel that baker-to-baker tips are much more valuable, because they are speaking from experience.

Also, her photography is awesome!  Each picture is crystal clear, allowing you to get the full impact of her subject.  Look at her adorable kiddos having fun with their vampire cookie pops. 

Humorous Fang Cookies (L-R): Fangs with a gold tooth, Lady fangs, Mustache fangs

These vampire cookie pops are so much fun because you can add little details to make each one unique.  Imagine how much fun these would be as props in an impromptu photo booth at Halloween party… then you can eat the prop!