Whenever I’m surfing around the web and I come across really cool ideas, I bookmark them into my “Inspirations” folder under my Favorites.  It’s the perfect little collection for me to choose my Tuesday Muse-Days from.  So while I was perusing my folder today, I couldn’t help but notice that a lot of them are from one of my favorite blogs, Love from the Oven

Aesthetically, Love from the Oven is very pleasing to the eye. It’s clean design makes it easy to scroll through and catch up on the latest posts.  Also, all of Christi’s content is situated in nicely organized columns, which makes this occasionally-OCD heart go pitter-patter.  And her photography – wow!  It is so inspired, focused and bursting with color. 

I could go on and on, but today’s muse is not her blog itself (even though it could be), but rather one of her recent Halloween blog posts which ties in nicely with our push-pop post from yesterday. Check out these beauties… Halloween Brownie Push Pops!

Isn’t she a genius?!  Look at all of those fun, bright colors! And see what I mean about the photography? 

At first glance, one might think a treat of this calliber is something you could only find in a fancy bakery, but they are actually really easy to make!  However, before I share the link to her tutorial for these treats, just take a moment and marvel at all the layers of sugary goodness… don’t scroll too fast, you don’t want to miss a sprinkle!

Diet-shmiet, I would not even hesitate to eat that entire thing in 20 seconds take a few lady-like nibbles of this confectionary cylinder of yumminess.

If you want to impress the pants off of your friends and family, here is Christi’s awesome tutorial: Halloween Push Pop Peeps!