Ok who remembers LEGO’s?  Growing up with a younger brother, we spent many an afternoon making all sorts of creations with these little colorful interlocking plastic bricks.  And remember the little LEGO Men?  They were pretty basic when we were kids; two dots for eyes and a generic smile. 

But over the years, LEGO Men have developed into pretty expressive little characters.  And Kate Sullivan, founder of Cake Power, has captured them perfectly, turning every LEGO Lovers dream into reality with Lego Head Cake Pops!!! 

As if that’s not cool enough, Kate shows you how she did it in a photo tutorialHonestly, I’m glad she posted a how-to otherwise I wouldn’t believe these were cake pops… they are so spot-on! 🙂  Her talent doesn’t stop there… Kate is quite the cake genius, and created a large 3D LEGO Man sculpted cake as well.  Yes, that is CAKE!

While we’re on the topic of LEGO’s, you absolutely have to check out Nathan Sawaya, of The Art of the Brick.  He creates some of the most awe-inspiring LEGO creation’s I’ve ever seen… animals, food, a motorcycle, even an iPhone! Here he is posing with his life-size sculpture of Conan O’Brian, which stands at 77″ tall!