September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness month, so today’s muse is the color teal.  Teal is the official color of Ovarian Cancer Awareness, and I’ve come across the neatest way to display it…

On your toes!!!  Carey is the mastermind behind Teal Toes, an organization dedicated to raising awareness in this unique way.  Why Teal Toes?  “Teal, the ovarian cancer color, is striking enough to make people ask about it,” she says – and how true!

Here are some cute Teal Toes that I came across.  Click on each caption to learn more about why they chose to paint their toes teal.

Robin’s Chicks

Are You There Cancer? It’s Me, Jennie
Positive Results Blog

I cannot wait for my next pedicure so I can join the movement!  If you paint your toes Teal this month, please email me a picture to with your story on how you were moved to try teal!

Update (9/10/11): My teal toes!