Some Labor Day weekends I’ve had have been relaxing, lazy and casual… not so much this year!  My weekend can be summed up in three words… birthday, barbecue & boards.  I mean come on, who doesn’t love a good alliteration? 🙂 

On Saturday, hubby and I headed to my best friend’s house for her hubby’s birthday party.  I’ll be honest, at first it was slightly awkward because there were so many groups of people there – his coworkers, Army buddies, family, friends and then friends of friends. We know most of their coworkers and family, but still, the party hadn’t quite gelled yet and everyone seemed to be sticking to their own groups.  But then the food came out and everyone seemed to start to mingle and the party really got underway. One of the “friends of a friend” brought this Whipped Cream vodka – I was pleasantly surprised, it was really good. We mixed it with orange juice so it was like a nice lil’ adult creamsicle!  (Pinnacle also has a Cake flavor, hmmm, may have to try that next time.)  Of course I madencake pops for the party dessert, and everyone loved them, which is always fun to see.

On Sunday, hubby and I headed west to Lancaster to visit my parents for a little family Labor Day barbecue.  Unfortunately, my brother and his fiance were out of town, so there was just a few of us, but it was still fun nonetheless.  Mom made her famous pulled pork, and they also had grilled vegetables as well as fresh and grilled peaches.  They went to a farmers market on Saturday and found these little baby eggplants – so cute, I had never even heard of them before!  (Confession: I didn’t care for them personally, but everyone else seemed to like them.)

Today, Dad and I were down in the KC Bakes workshop and having fun with some chalkboard paint I picked up.  Check out our newest stand!

Create your own detailing…

… then it wipes clean with a damp rag!

I think these may become a big hit!   How was your holiday weekend?