I don’t have any children yet, but my Facebook newsfeed was full of pictures of my friends’ kiddos all dressed up for their first day back to school today.  Seeing all of this brought back so many memories.

When I was at Staples last week, I actually got a little nostalgic seeing all of the new “must-have items” for students to stock-up on.  I used to love the excitement of picking out a new back-pack, lunch box and all of the other supplies for the coming year.

But when I was in grade school, the #1 thing you needed…

A Trapper Keeper!!!  Remember these things?  Do they even still make them? 

Oh my gosh, it was such an ordeal to pick out the perfect folders to go in them too.  I remember spending so much time going through boxes of them at the store… funky colors, animals, cartoons.  I also remember Lisa Frank items being wildly popular.  Bless my mom for putting up with it, because I don’t think I ever used half of them.

What do you remember about back-to-school?