Living in South Jersey, all I’ve heard for the past few days is Irene, Irene, Irene.  Hurricane Irene, which is working its way up the east coast, has everyone in the area on high alert.  Worse than all of the storm hype, I’ve had Come on Eileen stuck in my head, except its stuck as “Come on Irene”.  Seriously, its been stuck in my head for the last two days.

After having dinner with my parents, my mom insisted that I get a few cases of water, just in case. So hubby and I went to the grocery store last night, and wow… what a sight!

No bread…

Only a few cases of bottled water…

Milk? Not so much… down to gallons-only of Skim
(thank goodness I drink almond milk)

Right now its just drizzling, sometimes lightly and sometimes a little more steadily.  Only time will tell how bad this storm really comes through.  We have no plans to venture out, so I have a decent amount of Law & Order re-runs on DVR (love L&O!), and if the power goes out, I have 7 new books waiting to be read, thanks to Borders going-out-of-business sale πŸ™‚

If you’re in the storm area, please take the proper precautions. Its definitely better to be safe than sorry.