Every Tuesday here on my blog is Tuesday Muse-day.  This morning, I took a minute to really look at the word “muse”…

muse (/myuz)
     verb (used without object)
        1. to think or meditate in silence, as on some subject.
        2. Archaic . to gaze meditatively or wonderingly.
     verb (used with object)
        3. to meditate on.
        4. to comment thoughtfully or ruminate upon.

All of these uses of the word aptly apply to #AFundForJennie, and the viral support being shown for Jennie Perillo.  Twitter is simply abuzz with love.  I even saw my favorite celebrity chef, Richard Blais of Top Chef fame, retweet a #AFundForJennie tweet, because one of his fans asked him to.  How cool is that? 

Please look the growing auction list below and see if anything strikes your fancy, and consider taking part.  If you’d like to contribute to Jennie’s cause, but aren’t able to participate in the auction, there is a donation page that is set-up where you can PayPal your contribution (click on the BWOB icon at the top-right of my blog).  And if you aren’t able to contribute financially, help spread the word – that is free!  Facebook status, tweet, blog, email, heck – put a flyer up at your office!

Here are current auctions taking place for #AFundForJennie.

KC Bakes: Custom 30-Pop Cake Pop Stand

One Tough Cookie: 24 Back to School Cookies

Raleigh Cake Pops & Goodies For Gifts: custom Peanut Butter Pie “Mikey” Cake Pops

Pieced Together Mosaic: A Sushi Mosaic for Jennie

Nomnivorous: One Day Personalized In-Home Cooking Class

Run With Tweezers: A Spot at an Upcoming Food Styling Workshop

Gluten Free Girl & The Chef: Gluten free dinner party for six in Seattle

What Gaby’s Cooking: Two dozen homemade Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies

Food Woolf: Wire Sculpture and a Visioning Workshop

A Thought for Food: 8×10 Brian Samuels photograph and 30 watercolor note cards

Use Real Butter: Two beautiful 12 x 18 photographs

Big Summer Potluck: Two tickets to next year’s gathering

Penny De Los Santos A Day of Photography on Assignment 

The Peche – Chocolate Chunk Cookies (raffle entry for donation)

Kudos Kitchen by Renee: Four Jack O’ Lantern Wine Glasses

Grampa’s Gourmet: Four-Pack of Varietal Honeys

Three Many Cooks: Pam Anderson Cooking Class for 6 Guests + Pam’s 6 Books, Autographed

Monica Dalkin: Original Ceramic Work for Food Styling

Chicago Metallic Bakeware: Basket of 15 Different Baking Pans

Miss in the Kitchen: Two Sets of Flour Sack Towels (raffle entry for BWOB donation)

For even more auctions, check out Bloggers Withouth Borders Master List