Yesterday, hubby and I headed out to the Cooper River Fine Arts Festival in our area.  There were some really neat vendors, but after about 15 minutes walking around in the scorching heat, I had to call it quits… it was just too hot. 

I love small, independent, funky types of restaurants, so we headed over to Collingswood to find somewhere to eat.  After a few minutes of driving around, we just weren’t finding anything that struck a chord with us. So we drove over to Haddonfield… and again, no luck.  Normally, I love eating in both of these towns but… ehh… we just weren’t feeling anything.

Then hubby brought up the Jackson Mountain Cafe. Hubby: “Remember, last summer, we had those awesome burgers in Cape May?”  Me: “Say no more, let’s go”.  And just like that, we headed 90 minutes south to Exit 0 on the Garden State Parkway, Cape May, NJ.

We ate, we shopped, we even dipped our toes in the ocean.  It was one of those days, so perfect, I forgot about work, bills, stress, schedules… and just had a blast!  Of course, I had my camera along, and took some artsy pictures throughout the day.  Here are some of my favorite shots… to see the rest, check out my Flickr album.

Wishes in a Fountain

Scented oils at Bath Time Luxury Bath Shop

Lifeguard chair at sunset